The League of Nations, trying to prevent war, introduced the concept of persuasion which might be exerted on governments, short of armed attack. These include: refusal to do business, controls on travel, even sporting links.

In recent times they were applied to South Africa. The most effective may have been the refusal to allow credit. A result of economic sanctions may be that industries cannot expand and many workers may become unemployed. In Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) sanctions may actually have stimulated local industry by causing it to develop import substitution. Sanctions were in force on: Iraq (no trade at all) until the American invasion. The sanctions on Libya (no air travel) were lifted when two Libyans wanted for trial on terrorism charges were handed over to a court. Did they persuade the rulers to change their policy? The Libyan ruler probably did. The Iraqi ruler seemed to take no notice.

Nations at present (2009) subject to trade sanctions include: North Korea; Iran; Burma.

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