Spanish is rich in terms for illegal usurpation of power.

When an elected president suspends the constitution and converts his regime into a dictatorship it is recognized as a special kind of coup (Sp. golpe). The most recent example is in Peru. It is becoming known as Fujimorism. Perhaps the same could be said of Yeltsin's maneuver in Russia in September 1993. In 1993 there was an attempt in Guatemala.

The 1966 actions of Milton Obote in Uganda when he converted his elected government into a military dictatorship were similar (the author was present).

Ferdinand Marcos in Philippines converted his elected position into a dictatorship.

Prime Minister Leabua Jonathan of Lesotho refused to accept the election result of 1970 and made himself a dictator. In November 2007 Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan suspended the constitution in an attempted autogolpe.

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