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World Trade Center

April 4, 1973 - September 11, 2001

Rest in Peace

The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center will never be forgotten!
This attack was not against a military target, but against the citizens of the United States

And, although the buildings no longer stand,
their symbolism and memory are now immortalized.
The buildings and the people that were forced to give their lifes
for this symbol are martyrs.

Our hearts go out to all those friends and families that lost loved ones
and to all our fellow citizens of the United States
that are grieving and saddened by this atrocious act.

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September 11, 2001

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Now What?

Design Concepts (Architects) Design Concepts (Public)

I believe that the site of the original World Trade Center should be re-designed boldly.
Either by creating a new spectacular skyline or creating memorial gardens
(or both)

Please remember our mistakes of the past and work towards a better tomorrow.

The people responsible should be punished severly!
But people with the same ethnic or religious background that are not involved,
should be free from hatred and violence.
If we do punish the innocent, then the guilty people will feel even more
righteous in their heinousacts and their hatred of the United States.

The United States and its citizens are strong and will fight back against this "Second Day in Infamy!"