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For it to be a truly free society,
everyone needs to be treated as an equal and be free from violence & hatred.

Everyone has a right to their opinion and should vote their conscience.

For it to be a truly great society,
everyone should be free and have at least their basic needs met...
food, health, clothing and shelter.

There are major problems in this world.
Hatred still runs wild in many areas of the world,
including the United States.

The attack on US soil of two major monuments (the World Trade Center and the Pentagon)
will never be forgotten and we have to strive to erase the hatred from this and other events

World Trade Center Page

To accomplish these ends (creating a free and great world society),
here are some things to think about...

Right or Wrong?
Just VOTE your conscience!

Protect our Freedoms and Rights!

Constitution Bill of Rights
Blue Ribbon Campaign icon

Provide Healthcare and Education to All!

Universal Health Insurance Allow Medical Research Education for All

Basic Needs Met for Everyone!

Find a Local Food Bank Local Homeless Services & Shelters

Living Wage Help the Homeless Where and What to Donate

Make a Choice

Pro-Choice Pro-Life

We all belong to one race - the Human Race,
Let's help out when we can

I Have a Dream Speech Stop Child Abuse Depression
United Way UNICEF Indigenous People A.D.A.