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  3.  Guise of Normandy, Elmore & Aspley [Burke's Extinct Peerages]
  4.  Gyse of Normandy (1220), Elmore & Higham
  5.  Descent of Guse from Edward III of England
  6.  Elizabeth Guise-Haviland of Kenn, co. Somerset
  7.  Newman-Perry-Guise Connection
  8.  Burke on Newman Connection with Guise
  9.  College of Arms:  Newman Connection with Guise [Certified Document]

10.  De Gyse, Perry, Newman, Washington, Gist & Related Families

11.  Gist of Baltimore, Maryland (1620)
12.  Guise & Guice of Mississippi (1718)
13.  Descendants of Guice of Mississippi (1718)
14.  Guice of Maryland, Virginia & Georgia (1725)

15.  Genealogical Notes- Guise of Elmore
16.  Genealogical Notes- American Guise, Guice &  Gist Families

[Thanks to Preston Guice of US].

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A Comparison of All Related Guise Trees


1.  Guise of Normandy, Aspley & Elmore

IN:  BURKE. (Extinct Peerages)  / Guise of Normandy, Aspley & Elmore: 1066-

Sir William GYSE / younger br ‘of an illustrious NORMAN family’ [see Note]
arr. 1066 w. Wm I, obtained Aspley-Guise & al. in cos. Bedford, Bucks.
Anselme De GYSE
cotemp. H.II [d.1189] [&/ or J, H.III [d.1272]; arr. fr. Normandy 1220?]
m. Magotta [d.1237], daur / Hubert DE BURGH, Gt-Earl of Kent [d.1243]
fr. whom acquired manor, royalty & arms of Elmore, co. Gloucester
Sir William GUISE ‘of Elmore’ [H.VII r.1485-1509; H.VIII r.1509-1547]
made Kt. of the Bath, 5th H.VII ‘when the prince himself recd the honour...’
m. Mary RATSEY, daur. of William of Colemore
[ 7 Sep 1574?]
John GUISE, esq
m. daur / Richard PAUNCEFORT, esq, of Hasfield
Sir William GUISE, knt. of Elmore, high sheriff / Gloucestershire [6th J.I]
m. eldest daur / coheir  of Christopher KEN, esq, of Ken, co.Somerset
William GUISE
cr. sheriff / Gloucestershire in 1647
m. Cecilia DENNIS, daur of John of Pucklechurch
Christopher GUISE, cr. a baronet by Chas II / 10 Jul 1661
m. 1 - Elizabeth, daur / Sir Laurence WASHINGTON, knt of Wilts. [d.s.p.]
m. 2 - Rachel CORSELLIS, ‘of a noble Italian family’
Sir John GUISE, bart., M.P. for co. Gloucester
cotemp. Chas II & Wm III
m. Elizabeth HOWE, daur / John Grubham Howe of Lagnor, co.Notts.
d. 19 Nov 1695
Sir John GUISE, bart., M.P. co. Glouc.
m. 1 - Elizabeth NAPIER, daur of Sir Nathaniel of Critchell, co. Dorset
m. 2 - Anne RUSSELL, co-heir / Sir Francis Russell, bart. of Strensham, Wors.
d. 16 Nov 1732
Sir John GUISE, bart., M.P. for Ailesbury, Col. in the guards
m. daur of --- SAUNDERS, esq of co. Bucks 1769
Sir William GUISE [last of 1st line] bart.
d.s.p. 6 Apr 1783, ‘when baronetcy became extinct’
[in fact it passed in amended form to the 2nd line, GUISE of Higham]
br / Jane GUISE, m. Shute BARRINGTON, Bishop of Durham
of whom are BARRINGTON*

[*NOTE- ‘illustrious’ Norman family could be Lorraine-Guise, or Beauchamp-Warwick, or probable nexus between both via the Contes de Tallard].

2.  Gyse of Guise, Normandy, Elmore & Higham


Bernard De GUISE
Année de naissance : 1133
Lieu de naissance : OF, GUISE, AISNE, FRANCE

Adelphie de GUISE
Année de naissance : 1159
Lieu de naissance : OF, GUISE, AISNE, FRANCE

IN:  HERRIOT, Lynn  (nee Guise of Cambridge)  / Guise origins - Nicholas, s.1262 --

ca. 1220 ... finally settling in England
Nicholas DE GYSE
acc. 1262,  Lordship & estates of his father-in-law

IN:  NOTRE FAMILLE, GEDLINK: Cette information a été partagée par l'utilisateur <ESalisbury> --

Reignold GUISE
Année de naissance : 1400

3.  Descent of Guise & Torrey from Edward III

Lineage of Guise of Elmore from Edward III of England, ca.1327

'This info comes from [my] uncle John, researched by Nancy Frueh of Storrs, Conn. in September 1977, [&] has been updated slightly since then -


1. Edward III of England (1327-1377), married Philippa of Hainault (d. 1369, dau. of William III, Count of Hainault).  Their second son was

2. Lionel [PLANTAGENET] of Antwerp, b. Antwerp 29 Nov 1338, d. Alba Italy, 7 Oct 1368, Earl of Ulster, Duke of Clarence; m in 1352 to Elizabeth DE BURGH (dau. of William DE BURGH, III Earl of Ulster)  Their only child was

3. Philippa PLANTAGENET, Countess of Ulster, b. 16 Aug. 1355, d. c. 1378. m. in 1368 Edmund MORTIMER, b. 1352, d. March 1381, 3rd Earl of March, son of Roger Mortimer and Philipa of Salisbury. Their daughter was

4. Elizabeth MORTIMER, living 8 Oct. 1407, d. 1417; m. before 10 Dec. 1379 Sir Henry PERCY, K.G. "Harry Hotspur," killed in Shrewsbury 14 Aug. 1403.
Their son was

5. Sir Henry PERCY, K.G., b. 3 Feb. 1392/2; slain at St. Albans 22 May 1455; Earl of NORTHUMBERLAND, Warden of the Marches of Scotland; m. Eleanor NEVILLE, who died in 1433. (Eleanor Neville was the daughter of Joan BEAUFORT & her 2nd husband Ralph Neville (KG), Earl of Westmoreland; Joan Beaufort was the daughter of John of GAUNT, Duke of LANCASTER, and his 3rd wife (& previous mistress) Catherine SWYNFORD.) The daughter of Percy and Neville was

6. Katherine PERCY, b 28 May 1423; m Edmund GREY of Ruthin, created Earl of KENT in 1465. (Edmund Grey, born 26 Oct 1416 and d. 22 May 1470, was the son of Sir John GREY, K.G., and Constance, daughter of John HOLAND, Duke of Exeter.) Their daughter was

7. Anne GREY; m. Sir John GREY of Wilton (d. 3 April 1499, son of Reynold GREY of Wilton and Thomasine, natural daughter of John BEAUFORT, Duke of SOMERSET.) Their son was

8. Edmund GREY, Lord Grey of Wilton, b. about 1469; d. 5 May 1511; m. before May 1505, Florence Hastings, daughter of Sir Ralph and Anne HASTINGS. Their daughter was

9. Tacy GREY (or perhaps her mother was an earlier wife of Edmund Grey.  Edmund Grey definitely was her father.) Tacy Grey was born ca. 1490, was buried at Elmore, co. Gloucester, 15 Nov. 1558; m. ca. 1510 John GYSE (or GUISE), Berkeley of Stoke Gifford. Their son was

10. William GUISE, b. ca. 1514; d. 7 Sept. 1574, buried at Elmore; m. before 1540, Mary ROTSY (or RATSY), daughter of John and Margaret ROTSY of Kings Norton, c. Worcester. Their son was

11. John GYSE, b. ca. 1540, d. 24 Jan 1587/8, buried at Elmore; m. at Elmore, 22 Jan 1564, Jane PAUNCEFOOT, daughter of Richard PAUNCEFOOT of Hasfield,
Gloucestershire. (She was buried at Elmore 27 June 1587.) Their daughter was

12. Elizabeth GUISE, bapt. Elmore 1 Aug. 1576; m. at Kenn, Somerset, 7 July 1604, to Robert HAVILAND, Esq. of Hawksbury Barnes, Gloucestershire, buried at Bristol 19 July 1648. Their daughter was

13. Jane HAVILAND, bapt. Bristol 2 Aug. 1612; buried 27 April 1639; m. 1630 Capt. William TORREY, bapt. 21 Dec. 1608, d. Weymouth, Mass., 10 June 1690, son of Philip and Alice (Richards) Torrey. Came to New England in 1640.  Their 2nd child was

14. Lt. William TORREY, b. England in 1638; d. Weymouth Mass. 11 Jan.1717/18; m. ca. 1669 Deborah GREENE (daughter of Major John and Anne Almy Greene; buried 1728). Their son (6th child) was

15. Deacon Haviland Torrey (1684-1750), m. Elizabeth Croade, daughter of John and Deborah Thomas Croade. Lived at Plymouth, Mass, where their son (6th child) was

16. William Torrey (1725-1768). Lived at Hanover, Mass.  m. Mary Turner (1729-1796), daughter of Col. Ezekiel Turner and Bathsheba Stockbridge Turner. They lived in Pembroke and Hanson, Mass. Their son (3rd child) was

17. Capt. Joseph TORREY (1764-1822). m. 1785 Phebe Hatch (1766-1801), dau. of James HATCH and Mary Moore Hatch. Their first child was

18. Rev. Joseph TORREY (1787-1835), Pastor, S. Hanson Baptist Church. His second wife was his first cousin Maria BARKER (1798-1876), daughter of Isaac Bowen Barker and Elizabeth Torrey Barker, who was the 6th child of William Torrey and Mary Turner (ref. 16.). Their 3rd child was

19. Francis Bowen TORREY (1828-1925), b. Hollowell, Maine. m. Eliza Amanda BOWMAN (1833-1891), dau. of Harry Bowman and Dorcas Goodwin Bowman. Their first child was

20. Joseph TORREY (1859-??), lived in Bath, Maine (and built this house!). m. Arletta L. SPINNEY (1868-1925), da. of George A. Spinney and Harriet F. Lombard Spinney. Their second child was

21. Margaret TORREY (1893-1990), m. 1920 Charles Walker MACKAY (1890-1980) at Bath, Maine. Their 3rd child was

22. Elizabeth Randall MACKAY, b. 30 Aug. 1925, Bath, Maine. m. November 1948 Walter Phillip REID (b. 8 Aug. 1916, Columbus, Ohio), son of Sidney Reid (d. 1939) and Edith Mary Steele Reid (d. 1979). They had six children....


4.  Descent of Elizabeth Guise of Kenn, co.Somerset

IN:  WEIS, Frederick L.  [Genealogist, Hist. Soc.]  / Elizabeth Guise, b.1576

Sir John GYSE  /  of Aspley Gyse
m. Agnes BERKELEY ... of Stoke Gifford
John GYSE (or GUISE) 1485
m. 1510 [>> below]
d. 20 Dec 1556 ... bur. at Elmore, Gloucestershire
Tacy GREY, daur / Edmund GREY [by an earlier union than HASTINGS]
William GUISE
b. 1514
m. before 1540 [>> below]
d. 7 Sep 1574 ... bur. Elmore
Mary ROTSY [or RATSY] of Kings Norton, co Worcester
John GYSE 1540
m. 22 Jan 1564 / at Elmore
d. 24 Jan 1587 / 8 ... bur. Elmore
Jane PAUNCEFOTE, dau of Richard of Hasfield, co. Glo.
Elizabeth GUISE
b. 1 Aug 1576 / Elmore
m. Robert HAVILAND ... 7 Jul 1604 / at Kenn, co.Somerset [bur/19 Jul 1648]

5.  Newman-Perry-Guise Connection

IN:  COBB, Wanda  [U.S. Genealogist]  / Perry - Guise connection

John GUYSE ‘of Elmore’  [son of John GYSE]
will dated 31 Mar 1614 [proved 16 Oct 1614]
br/ GUISE sisters [Elizabeth] ‘HAVYLAND’ & [ Elinor ] ‘ PERRYE
br/ William GUYSE ‘the younger’ [left  £100]
br/ Charles GUYSE [left £30]
br/ William GWYSE ‘the elder’ [executor]

‘to my sr PERRYE twenty shillings, not that I love her less than any other but because God hath blessed her husband with so good an estate that she hath less need than the rest’ [sr HAVYLAND left £50 for life, principal was then to go to br.Wm younger!]

6.  Burke on Newman Connection with Guise

IN:  BURKE. (Extinct Peerages)  / Elmore - Newman

Sir William GUISE [‘the elder’], Knight of Elmor, in the co.Gloucestershire
Elinor [GUISE]   ... sr / William GUISE [aforesaid]
m. Christopher PERRY, esq of Kenn in Somersetshire
Elizabeth PERRY ‘dau & co-heir’
m. Richard NEWMAN, esq of Fifehead-Magdalen, Dorset [his 2nd m]
[Col] Richard NEWMAN, esq
m. Anne HARBORD, eldest dau of Sir Charles, surveyor-gen to Chas I & II

7.  College of Arms:  Newman Connection with Guise

IN:  NEWMAN, Campbell A. (Pedigree of Newman)  / Elmore Branch- Newman
FR:  Document, certified 'Garter King of Arms'.

William GUISE of Elmore [‘Bart.Royal’]
|     [fr. COLLEGE of ARMS, certificated]
Eleanor GUISE
m. Christopher PERRY of Castle Ken[n], co.Somerset
Elizabeth PERRY [only child]
m. Richard NEWMAN
Col. Richard NEWMAN of Evercreech Park
m. Anne, daur / Sir Charles HARBORD

Go to:  Newman of Wessex...

8.  De Gyse, Guise, Perrye, Newman, Washington & Gist

IN:  Blake/Burroughs Family Tree
Updated: Tue Jun 11 17:11:14 2002    Contact: Richard Blake <>
I.  <>

* Name: John DE GYSE
* Death: AFT 1472
Marriage 1 Alice WYSHAM  d.1487

1.  Sir John DE GYSE

* Name: Sir John DE GYSE

Father: John DE GYSE
Mother: Alice WYSHAM
Marriage 1 Anne BERKELEY

1.  John DE GYSE b: ca.1485

III.  <>

* Name: John DE GYSE [also GUISE ] Esq
* Birth: ca.1485
* Death: 20 Dec 1556 in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, England
* Burial: Elmor, co. Gloucester, ENG.
Father: Sir John DE GYSE
Mother: Anne BERKELEY
Marriage 1 Thomasine (Tacy) DE GREY b: ca.1496 in Wilton Castle, Herefordshire, England
* Married: ca.1510
1.  William DE GYSE b: ca.1514
2.  Anselme DE GYSE b: BEF 1514
 married: 1 Alice CLIFFORD  [BEF 13 Dec 1539]

* Name: William DE GYSE
* Sex: M
* Birth: ABT 1514
* Death: 7 Sep 1574
* Burial: Elmor, co. Gloucester, ENG.
Father: John DE GYSE b: ABT 1485
Mother: Thomasine (Tacy) DE GREY b: ABT 1496 in Wilton Castle, Herefordshire, England
Marriage 1 Mary ROTSY b: ABT 1519; d. 24 Nov 1558
1.  John GUISE b: ABT 1540 in Elmore, Gloucester and Brockworth

V.   <>

* Name: John GUISE
* Sex: M
* Birth: ABT 1540 in Elmore, Gloucester and Brockworth, England
* Death: 24 Jan 1587/88
* Burial: 26 Jan 1587/88 Elmor, Gloucester, England
Father: William DE GYSE b: ca. 1514
Mother: Mary ROTSY b: ca. 1519
Marriage 1 Jane PAUNCEFORT [ 27 Jun 1587 Elmore]
* Married: 27 Jun 1564 in Elmore
1.  Elizabeth GUISE b: BEF 1 Aug 1576; m. Robert HAVILAND,
  7 Jul 1604 in Kenn, Somersetshire, England;
2.  John GUISE  [d.s.p. ca.1614]
3.  William GUISE , Sir m. Elizabeth KEN
4.  Charles GUISE
5.  [Elinor] GUISE d. AFT. 1614;  m. [Christopher] PERRYE,
  of whom was Elizabeth PERRY who m. Richard NEWMAN
  of whom presently** >>

* Name: William GUISE , Sir
* Death: 1640-50
Father: John GUISE b: ca 1540 in Elmore, Gloucester and Brockworth. Mother: Jane PAUNCEFORT
Marriage 1 Elizabeth KEN
1.  William GUISE

VII.  <>

* Name: William GUISE
Father: William GUISE , Sir
Mother: Elizabeth KEN
Marriage 1 Ciscilla DENNIS
1.  Christopher GUISE
2.  Elizabeth GUISE
3.  Frances GUISE
4.  Ellinor GUISE

IN:  Blake/Burroughs [> Washington]
Updated: Tue Jun 11 17:11:14 2002    Contact: Richard Blake <>

VIII.  <>

 * Name: Ellinor GUISE
Father: William GUISE
Mother: Ciscilla DENNIS
Marriage 1 William PARIGITER b: in Gretworth
Marriage 2 Lawrence WASHINGTON II b: ABT 1549 in Gar. Man. Mal., Wiltshire, England
1.  Lawrence WASHINGTON III b: 19 May 1579 in Gar. Man. Mal., Wiltshire, England
Sources:  1. Broderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #2518, Jun 2, 1997

IX.   <>

* Name: Lawrence WASHINGTON III
* Birth: 19 May 1579 in Gar. Man. Mal., Wiltshire, England 1
* Death: in Gar. Man. Mal., Wiltshire, England 1

Father: Lawrence WASHINGTON II b: ABT 1549 in Gar. Man. Mal., Wiltshire, England
Mother: Ellinor GUISE
Marriage 1 Anne LEWYN
1.  Anne WASHINGTON b: 1621 in Nottingham, Kent, England

* Birth: 1621 in Nottingham, Kent, England 1
Father: Lawrence WASHINGTON III b: 19 May 1579 in Gar. Man. Mal., Wiltshire, England
Mother: Anne LEWYN
Marriage 1 Christopher GIST I b: ABT 1620 in England
1.  Christopher GIST II b: ABT 1650 in England

XI.  <>

* Name: Christopher GIST II
* Birth: ca.1650 in England 1
* Death: ca.1691 in Baltimore, MD. 1
Father: Christopher GIST I b: ca.1620 in England
Mother: Anne WASHINGTON b: 1621 in Nottingham, Kent, England
Marriage 1 Edith CROMWELL b: ca.1660 in England [daur. of Oliver CROMWELL]; d. ca.1694 in Patapsco River, Baltimore, MD
* Married: ABT 1682 1
1.  Richard GIST b: ABT 1683 in Baltimore, MD.

9.  Gist Family of Maryland, fr. Guise 1620

IN:  POWELL, Christopher (GIST family gene. forum)  / Elmore Branch, ca. 1620

William GUISE of Elmore [peer]
| [fr. BURKE >>]
Eleanor GUISE    ... sr / Christopher GUISE
m. Lawrence [WASHINGTON]
Christopher GUISE
m. 1.  Elizabeth (d.s.p.)   ... sr / Lawrence
m. 2.  ...

[OR, fr. WATERS >>]

Christopher GUISE
m. Anne WASHINGTON, who d. in 1642

Christopher GIST of Maryland
b. 1659 [17 yrs after death of AW above !]
of whom are GIST* of USA

10.  Guice Families of Mississippi

IN:  WELLS, Gordon M (NC Genealogy Soc)  / Rotterdam-Dover

Christopher GUISE
b. 25 Jul 1718 1745
arr. Philadelphia, PA, on  27 Sep 1740 in ‘Lydia’
d. after 1792 [date property disposed]
Margaret PLOWHEAD --- b. 19 Apr 1728, Germany
[13 children, incl. Christopher II b.1756]
Jonathan GUICE
b. 30 Dec 1746
settler Davidson Co., Cumberland R., 1787 1787/8
d. 1828  aged 82 yrs
Elizabeth BICKLEY
GUICE* families of MS

11.  Guice & Related Families of Mississippi

IN:  RITA ROCKETT (fr. DODD & HALL, below)  / Lorraine Branch 2

Christopher GUICE [see also, above]
b. 25 Jul 1718 ... Alsace-Lorraine, Germany (nr. France)
m. 19 Apr 1742 ... Germany
d. after 3 Jul 1787 ... [Davidson Co., TN (nr. Nashville)
Rachel GUICE
b. 20 Mar 1762 ... V
m. bef 1793
d. after 1805 ... [LA?]
mostly of Holmes & Hinds Cos., MS

12.  Guice of Maryland & Virginia

IN: C. PRESTON GUICE (fr. Phillip below)  / Lorraine Branch 1

[mentions branches desc. fr. Claude, Christopher & Wilhelm]

Claude GUISE
b. [Strassburg, Lorraine area]
emigr. ca. 1760-1764
d. 1760/3 ... English Colony of New Jersey
Peter GUICE 1725
emigr. 1761/65 to Frederick Co., Maryland (until 1779/80)
d. 25 Nov 1782 ... Rockingham Co., Virginia
Nicholas* (b.1754), Phillip* (b.1755), John S* (b.1761), Peter [II]* (b.1765)
of GA, NC, GA & GA in USA


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13.  Genealogical Notes- Guise of Elmore

Sir William Guise Of Elmore
Spouses of Sir William Guise Of Elmore
1 Elizabeth Walrond
Father Humphry Walrond Of Bradfield ( - )
Mother Florence Moore ( - ) [daur. of Thomas Moore of Taunton]
Copyright © 2001 Nigel Batty-Smith

Sir William Guise Of Elmore
Spouses of Sir William Guise Of Elmore
1 Unknown
Sir William Guise Of Elmore and Unknown spouse had the following children
1 Frances Guise
Descendants of Sir William Guise Of Elmore and ???

* 1 Frances Guise = John Codrington Of Didmarton
 * 1 Robert Codrington Of Didmarton = Agnes Samwell
 * 1 Robert Codrington Of Didmarton = Anne Allen
 * 2 John Codrington = Elizabeth Gorges
 * 3 Isabella Codrington = Oliver Calley Esq. Of Burderop

* 2 Ann Codrington = Robert Isack Of Westdown
 * 1 Robert Isack Of Westdown = Elizabeth Ellis

* 2 Ann Codrington = Southcote Luttrell

John Guise, 1851


ELMORE   1851 Census Gloucestershire
Copyright P.R.O. Reference # HO 107/1962
The Parish of Elmore
Persons 214 Male 179 Female 393 Total
GUISE Joh Wright Widow/er 73 Barton St Michael. K.C.B. Lt. Gen. Churcham
SonWV 34 Magistrate Marylebone

Guise of Elmore, 1868


ELMORE is a parish, 5 miles n.n.e. from Westbury, 5 s.w. from Gloucester, its post town, union and county court district and hundred of Dudstone and King's Barton, situated on the east bank of the river Severn, Sir William Vernon Guise, Bart., J.P. & D.L., is lord of the manor. Population in 1861, 374.

GUISE Sir William Vernon, Bart., J. P. & D. L., Elmore Court


Sir William Vernon Guise F.G.S., F.L.S. (1816-24th September 1887) merits a special mention as his collection of fossils was the first major geological collection to be offered to the proposed new public County Museum in Gloucester. The fossils still exists in the Gloucester City Museums reference collections. He was President of the Cotteswold Naturalists Field Club for twenty eight years from 1859 to 1887, by far the longest serving president. He had some artistic ability judging from the illustrations he contributed to the Rev. W.S.Symonds book "Record of the Rocks".
Guise was a Magistrate and the Deputy-Lieutenant for Gloucestershire. He served as High Sheriff for the County in 1872 and a Lieutenant-Colonel of the Royal South Gloucestershire Militia. On the 18th May 1881, Sir William (he ascended to the baronetcy in 1865) promised to donate the remainder of his collection of "British Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Shells" and also a selection of ammonites and other Inferior Oolite fossils from Bradford Abbas, to Gloucester Museum, the ammonites are still in the collection. He died on the 24th September 1887 at his home, Elmore Court, near Gloucester.

(by Roger F.Vaughan B.A., B.Sc.)


Camden Society, Third Series
G.Davies Autobiography of Thomas Raymond, and memoirs of the family of Guise of Elmore, Gloucestershire.

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Australian & NZ- Guise Connections


Re: Guise Down Under
Posted by: Richard Guise Date: December 05, 2001 at 15:06:58
   of 148 Go

Dear All, Has anyone information on the Guise family arriving in Australia, who, when, where and country of origin. From what I can pickup there is two core families and there offspring New South Wales and Victorian based.
Richard Guise

Posted by: Judy Date: February 18, 2002 at 04:10:25
In Reply to: Guise Down Under by Richard Guise  of 148 Go

Hi Richard
I have a Richard Guise who was a member of the NSW Corps arriving in Australia with the 2nd Fleet (possible ship the "Pitt"), with his wife Elizabeth.
They had 3 children born in Sydney, after Richard's death, his wife Elizabeth moved to Gundaroo to live with her son, also Richard.
This information gathered from the book "Gundaroo".

Posted by: Les Date: March 09, 2002 at 05:30:50
In Reply to: Re: Guise Down Under by Judy  of 148 Go

Richard GUISE was a sergeant in the New South Wales Corps who settled in Liverpool on grants of land and also held liquor licences. The three children were Richard Junior, William and Elizabeth. Richard and William were landowners at Gundaroo and Bywong, near Canberra, and elsewhere in New South Wales. Elizabeth married William KLENSENDORFFE, who owned land near the present site of Parliament House in Canberra.
There is considerable lead information about the family in Colonial records -
though these are only the basic references.

William, born 25 May 1796 married Catherine ALLEN and had a daughter Mary Ann, born 24 June 1832, who married George Moore BROWNLOW on 20 August 1850. they had a daughter Catherine, born 1851 at Jerribiggery, near Gundaroo, and who married John BRADNEY in 1869. their son John, born 1874, served with NSW and Australian forces in South Africa (1901-1902) and France (1916-1917). There are 'skeletons'.

After John's death in France his sister wrote to the Army in Australia and in her letter said - 'we come of a fighting stock being descended on our mother's side of the historic GUISE family. We are the 4th generation of Australian natives. Our great great grandfather sergeant Guise of 102nd Reg. came to Australia later part of 1790 in charge of consigned men. The Guise family became rich later and owned several stations and large grants of land at Gundaroo near Federal Capital Territory and were the first people buried in their family vault in the historic church grounds (Church of St John the Baptist at Canberra)'. This and other records are held at the Australian War memorial.


Posted by: Judy (ID *****8069) Date: April 09, 2002 at 06:47:37
In Reply to: Re: Guise Down Under by Les  of 148 Go


Thankyou for that information, a few new facts have come out of it and I have some new clues to chase. Richard (1) is my husband's g-g-g-g-g-grandfather and quite a few landmarks in the area are named after the extended family. I believe that Richard was wounded while in Ceylon while a member of Macquarie's 73rd, will try to find out more info in that direction next. Any suggestions on military sites would be appreciated if available.

Re: Guise from Elmore
Posted by: Annette McIntyre (nee Guise) Date: June 17, 2001 at 18:04:00
In Reply to: Guise from Elmore by Terri  of 148 Go

I am a New Zealand sideways descendant of the Guises of Elmore Court. One of my father's cousin's did a family tree of the New Zealanders, in a book called The Wider Circle which was a 2nd edtion of an earlier compilation.
I can't tell you much of the English people though.

John & Elizabeth Guise m. 1702. NZ link
Posted by: Annette McIntyre Date: February 02, 2001 at 12:03:05
   of 148 Go

One of my father's cousins produced several years ago a family tree of the offspring of John and Elizabeth GUISE of Fladbury who were married in 1702. If anyone has connections to this family tree I would be interested in hearing from them. I am willing to share the information I have.

14.  Genealogical Notes - Guise, Guice & Gist Families (US)

In:  C.Preston Guice: <>

American Families of ~ GUISE
And all spellings of common descent

15.  . .Guise Links
Visit with those who share a common bond

16.  . .Guise History
France ~ Lorraine ..The Guise Family Nexus
Ancient Guise Fortress

17.  . .Christopher Guice
Born: 1718 ~~~ Died: Sometime after 1809
History from his arrival here in 1740
The generations of his thirteen children

18.  . .Peter Guise ~ 1725 ~ 1782
From New Jersey to Fredrick Co. MD to Rockingham Co. VA.
Son of Claude Guise ,
Married Ottilia, father of eight children .

19.  . .Peter Guice ~Born 1788 ~
Gr.Grandson of Claude Guise
Innkeeper ~ Bridgebuilder ~ Mill Owner
Grandson of the first Peter, son of Phillip.
~ Peter and his wife Nancy were the parents of thirteen children

20.  . .AutoBio of Dr. William M. Guice 1828 ~~ 1899
Civil War Veteran
Son of Moses Simon Guise
Gr.Gr.Gr.Grandson of Claude Guise

of ~ GOOD KING RENE ~ Le Bon Roi Rene ~ De Anjou, DeGuise, DeLorraine
Partriarch of the Guise Family Nexus

21.  . .Rene I D'Anjou
Good King Rene ~ Our Guise Heritage
"The Duke Of Lorraine"

22.  . .Rene II D'Anjou
Grandson of Good King Rene I

23.  . .Cross of Lorraine
Devise on the sheild of Godfry De boullian
Emblem of the Dukes of Lorraine
Emblem of the French Freedom Fighters during WW II
A compendium of Crosses

24.  . .Christopher Columbus
"It happened to me that Good King Rene ...Sent me to Tunis

25.  . .Joan of Arc
"Give me your son (Rene)~ a horse ~ and some good men..."

26.  . .Excerpt from Shakespeare's play "Henry V"
The Bishop of Canterbury's reference to the
lineage of the Duke of Lorraine



The following was provided to me by
the Hendersonville, N.C. Genealogy Society
as submitted by Gordon M. Wells of Jackson Miss.

Christopher GUICE

Christopher GUISE arrived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 27, 1740 with the Palatines, in all 180, (*30,000 names of immigrants,1727-76 Rupp.) from Rotterdam by way of Dover, England, on the ship "Lydia", commanded by James Allen. Christopher Guice was born on July 25, 1718 and is believed to have married about 1745 in Philadelphia to Margaret PLOWHEAD born April 19, 1728 in Germany. In 1778 they moved to Nashboro and appear on the Honor Roll of General James Robertson. He applied for a grant at Pensacola 1n 1776 and received a British grant near old Selsertown in the Natchez District in 1778. ~~Here the Christopher Guice family became involved in the expulsion of the Spanish Catholic Government at Natchez and were forced to flee for their lives ( These turn of events to be included but not completed )

~~~Christopher Guice, Sr., with his sons Christopher Guice, Jr. and Jonathan Guice were made a part of the request to the North Carolina Assembly on May 10, 1784, for land grants of 640 acres at Fort Nashboro, according to the North Carolina State Papers (24-629 & 19-573). ~~ In North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee 1778-91, we find; Christopher Guice, Jr. received a military grant of 640 acres, assigned to the heirs of Robert Chersmey, Private, dated 1786 in Davidson County, on Guice's Creek. (III,ICO) and Jonathan Guice received 640 acres in 1787, Davidson County, on South side of Cumberland River, assigned by William Collins, Private, disabled. (III,531). ~~In the Davidson County marriages we find one son ; Jacob to Elizabeth Bickley on February 2, 1789. ~~ In 1792 Christopher Guice, Sr. moved into what became Franklin County in 1809, disposing of his land near Selsertown to his son Jonathan. We do not have the date of his death. Christopher Guice and Margaret Plowhead had thirteen children.

1 ~ Jonathan Guice
born Dec 30, 1746, went to Mississippi, died 1828 at age of 82.

2 ~ David Guice
born April 30, 1748, Stolen by Indians in Pennsylvania ?

3 ~ Hannah Guice
born Jan 2 1750, Married Jacob Harmon, professional hunter,
settled in Opalousas Country, Louisiana.
Their daughter Celeste married in 1797.
4 ~ Michael Guice
born Oct 29, 1751, went to Mississippi, helped to make improvements
on a grant to his father in Selsertown.
5. Catherine Guice,
born Sept 10, 1753.
6. Priscilla Guice
born Feb 20, 1755.
7. Christopher Guice, Jr
born Dec 5 1756, went to Mississippi.
8. Elizabeth Guice
born Jul 15, 1757.
9. Susannah Guice
born May 12, 1760
born Mar 20, 1762.
11. Daniel Guice
born Jan 2, 1764.
12. Jacob Guice
born May 26, 1767, went to Mississippi, died May 3, 1835.
13. Absalom Abraham Guice
born Mar 26, 1767, went to Mississippi, died Mar 20, 1834.

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C. Preston Guice


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Postings on American Guise, Guice & Gist Families


Claudius van Lotharingen GUISE
Année de naissance : 1496
Lieu de naissance : -
Année de décès : 1550

[possible ancestor of an Alsace branch, &/or of Claude Guise of Strassbourg, br. of Christopher & Wilhelm, of whom are various Guices of Maryland.  It should be noted that the families of Aisne, Lothringen & Normandy are probably very anciently related, via the town of Guise].

Re: Christopher Guice & daughter Priscilla

Posted by: DT Bene Date: May 19, 1999 at 11:40:48
In Reply to: Re: Christopher Guice & daughter Priscilla by Kathy Whitehead  of 148 Go

Christopher Guice's b. 1718 parents were
Capt. Richard Guice and Zipporah Murray. Richard's parents were Christopher Guise b 1655 and Edith Cromwell granddaughter of Lord Oliver CROMWELL. I'll have to get my notes. After that I get confused. I think it was Christopher Guise b. 1620 and Anne Washington. Christopher b. early 1700's was fluent in 6 languages and could understand and speak some in several other languages.

Posted by: DT Bene Date: May 19, 1999 at 11:38:39
In Reply to: Re: Christopher Guice & daughter Priscilla by Kathy Whitehead  of 148 Go

Christopher Guice's b. 1718 parents were Capt. Richard Guice and Zipporah Murray. Richard's parents were Christopher Guise b 1655 and Edith Cromwell granddaughter of Lord Oliver CROMWELL. I'll have to get my notes. After that I get confused. I think it was Christopher Guise b. 1620 and Anne WASHINGTON.

Posted by: Kathy Lowery Date: October 21, 1999 at 10:17:45
In Reply to: Re: Christopher Guice & daughter Priscilla by DT Bene  of 148 Go
I am from this lineage and would appreciate any info you have on the Cromwell line. My have from my research that the family name of Christopher was GIST or GUEST. Was wondering where you got the spelling Guise. Please email me with any information and would be happy to share what I know.
Kathy Lowery

Posted by: Dben Date: December 18, 2000 at 17:05:32
In Reply to: Re: Christopher Guice & daughter Priscilla by Kathy Lowery  of 148 Go
I have from a professional genealogist that Guise, de Guise, Gist, Guice and Guest, and various spellings are all from the same family. As back in those days a person spelt his/her name the way it sounds and the same person may spell their own name 5 or 6 different ways.

Posted by: Les Guice Date: January 21, 1999 at 17:17:10
In Reply to: Christopher Guice & daughter Priscilla by Carolyn Switzer  of 148 Go

Priscilla was born 20 feb 1755 and died bef 1840 in Franklin County, Miss. She married Nathaniel KINNISON ca 1775 and had the following children:
John A. (1781)
Mary Ann (1782)
William Allen (1783)
Sarah (Sallie) (1788)
Nathaniel Jr. (1793)
Martha (1795)
Isaac (1797)
The first 4 children were born in the Opelousas District, Louisiana and the others were probably born in Mississippi.

Posted by: Kathy Whitehead Date: May 11, 1999 at 21:49:43
In Reply to: Re: Christopher Guice & daughter Priscilla by DT Bene  of 148 Go

I am a descendant of Christopher GUICE and Margret PLOWHEAD. Priscella GUICE and Nathaniel KENNISON. Their daughter Mary Kennison married Robert FARR. Their son Nathaniel Kennison Farr married Nancy K. LONG.Their son Nathaniel W. Farr married Irene BEDFORD. Their son Nathaniel Kennison Farr, Sr. married Sallie Ethel GUICE. Their daughter Pauline Farr married Ray Alexander WHITEHEAD. This is from my grandparents back to Christopher Guice. Can you please fill me in on the others past Christopher Guice? I have that his father was named Hans GUISE but I am unsure about that, please help.

Re: URL for Christopher Guice * descendants
Posted by: Donna Date: July 23, 1999 at 14:26:44
In Reply to: Re: Christopher Guice & daughter Priscilla by Betty K. Price  of 148 Go

Try here:

Re: Duke of Guise (1496-1550)

Posted by: Debbie deGuise Date: November 13, 1998 at 14:00:26
In Reply to: Duke of Guise (1496-1550) by Betty K. Price  of 148 Go

I found a wonderful site regarding the deGuise/"of Guise" name. The address is: Click on "Royal Genealogy", and choose "Scotland". Page down to "Stuart, Mary "Queen of Scots"", and about 2-3 generations back will take you to Henry. Hope this helps!

Posted by: Donald Gist (ID *****2846) Date: April 12, 2002 at 11:38:54
In Reply to: Re: Duke of Guise (1496-1550) by Betty Kuykendall Price  of 148 Go

I was informed by a cousin in San Diego, CA that the heraldry of Britain contains two Coats of arms that are identical in make up. One is for the GUISE Family and the other is for the GIST Family. I have found accounts that indicate that the GUISE of France lost favor with the King and fled execution at the hand of same and changed their name to GIST in Wales.  Can anyone verify those claims or can anyone totally debunk them. Don

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