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01-  Pedigree of Newman
02-  Logres (esp. Charlemagne fr. Valentinian)
03-  Lotharingia
04-  Normandy
05-  De Burgh of Normandy
06-  European Dynasties

08-  Grey of Ruthyn & Wilton
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10-  Newman of Wessex
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1.  House of Plantagenet & Anjou

2.  Family & Descendants of Edward III

* Birth: 13 NOV 1312 in Windsor Castle, Windsor, co. Berks
* Death: 21 JUN 1377 in Sheen Palace, Richmond, co. Surrey
* Burial: Westminster Abbey, London, co. Middlesex, England 1
* Reference Number: 11830556
* Occupation: EDWARD III (age 15 at his accession).
* Occupation: Lord of Ireland 1
* Occupation: Duc d'Aquitaine 1
* Occupation: Earl of Chester 1
Father: Edward II King of England b: 25 APR 1284 in Caernarvon, Caernarvon Co., Wales
Mother: Isabella of France b: 1292 in Paris, Seine, France; d.1358
 Father: Philippe IV "le Bel" King of France and Navarre      b: 1268 in Fontainebleau, Seine-Et-Marne, France
 Mother: Juana (Joan, Jeanne) I Queen of Navarre b: ABT JAN     1271/72 in Bar-Sur-Seine, Aube, France
Marriage 1 Philippa DE HAINAULT b: 24 JUN 1311 in Hainault, France
* Married: 24 JAN 1327/28 in York, Westminster, co. Middlesex
1.  Edward (The Black Prince) Prince of Wales b: 15 JUN 1330 in Woodstock, co. Oxford, England
2.  Isabel b: 16 JUN 1332 in Woodstock, co. Oxford, England
3.  Joan of Woodstock b: ABT FEB 1335 in Woodstock, co. Oxford
4.  William of Hatfield b: BEF 16 FEB 1337 in Hatfield, England
5. Lionel of Antwerp, KG, Duke of Clarence b: 29 NOV 1338 in Antwerp, Belgium (Flanders?)
6. John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster, KG b: 24 JUN 1340 in St. Bevon's Abbey, Ghent, Flanders
7.  Blanche b: MAR 1342 in Tower of London, London, England
8.  Mary b: 10 OCT 1344 in King's Langley, co. Hereford, England
9.  Edmund of Langley, KG, Duke of York, Earl of Cambridge b: 05 JUN 1341 in King's Langley, co. Hereford, England
10.  Margaret b: 20 JUL 1346 in Windsor Castle, Windsor, co. Berks
11.  William b: BEF 24 JUN 1348
12.  Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester b: 07 JAN 1354/55
13.  Humphrey of Woodstock

3.  Descent of Newman fr. Lionel of Clarence

1. Edward III of England
(1327-1377), married Philippa of Hainault (d. 1369, dau. of William III, Count of Hainault, desc. of Charlemagne).  Their second son was

2. Lionel [PLANTAGENET] of Antwerp
b. Antwerp 29 Nov 1338, d. Alba Italy, 7 Oct 1368, Earl of Ulster, Duke of Clarence; m in 1352 to Elizabeth de Burgh (dau. of William DE BURGH, III Earl of Ulster)  Their only child was

Countess of Ulster, b. 16 Aug. 1355, d. c. 1378. m. in 1368 Edmund MORTIMER, b. 1352, d. March 1381, 3rd Earl of March, son of Roger Mortimer and Philipa of Salisbury. Their daughter was

4. Elizabeth MORTIMER
living 8 Oct. 1407, d. 1417; m. before 10 Dec. 1379 Sir Henry PERCY, K.G. "Harry Hotspur," killed in Shrewsbury 14 Aug. 1403.
Their son was

5. Sir Henry PERCY, K.G.
b. 3 Feb. 1392/2; slain at St. Albans 22 May 1455; Earl of NORTHUMBERLAND, Warden of the Marches of Scotland; m. Eleanor NEVILLE, who died in 1433. (Eleanor Neville was the daughter of Joan BEAUFORT and her second husband Ralph Neville (KG), Earl of Westmoreland; Joan Beaufort was the daughter of John of GAUNT, Duke of LANCASTER, and his 3rd wife (and previous mistress) Catherine SWYNFORD.) The daughter of Percy and Neville was

6. Katherine PERCY
b 28 May 1423; m Edmund GREY of Ruthin, created Earl of KENT in 1465. (Edmund Grey, born 26 Oct 1416 and d. 22 May 1470, was the son of Sir John GREY, K.G., and Constance, daughter of John HOLAND, Duke of Exeter.) Their daughter was

7. Anne GREY
m. Sir John GREY of Wilton (d. 3 April 1499, son of Reynold GREY of Wilton and Thomasine, natural daughter of John BEAUFORT, Duke of SOMERSET.) Their son was

8. Edmund GREY
Lord Grey of Wilton, b. about 1469; d. 5 May 1511; m. before May 1505, Florence Hastings, daughter of Sir Ralph and Anne HASTINGS. Their daughter was

9. Tacy GREY
(or perhaps her mother was an earlier wife of Edmund Grey.  Edmund Grey definitely was her father.) Tacy Grey was born ca. 1490, was buried at Elmore, co. Gloucester, 15 Nov. 1558; m. ca. 1510 John GYSE (or GUISE), Berkeley of Stoke Gifford. Their son was

10. William GUISE
b. ca. 1514; d. 7 Sept. 1574, buried at Elmore; m. before 1540, Mary ROTSY (or RATSY), daughter of John and Margaret ROTSY of Kings Norton, c. Worcester. [Their daughter was]

<Augmented & abbreviated, cf. Campbell A. NEWMAN, notes...>

11. Elinor GUISE
Whose daughter was

12. Elizabeth PERRY
Whose son was

13. Richard NEWMAN


Ancestors of Alexandra Catlin Vaut
Updated: Sun Jun 9 11:49:37 2002   
Contact: Greg Vaut <gregv@ma.ultranet.com>
This data includes my own original research, as well as considerable data from secondary sources and data contributed to me by many very kind people. You are welcome to use it, but are responsible for confirming all info yourself. CITE YOUR SOURCES!!!!!

4.  Descent of Newman fr. John of Gaunt

* Name: John of GAUNT, Duke of LANCASTER, KG
* Birth: 24 JUN 1340 in St. Bevon's Abbey, Ghent, Flanders 2 3
* Death: 03 FEB 1398/99 in Leicester Castle, England 2
* Occupation: Duke of Lancaster 13 NOV 1362 2
* Burial: St. Paul's Cathedral 2
* Occupation: King of CASTILLE and LEON
  (jure uxoris) SEP 1371 2
* Occupation: Duke of AQUITAINE 02 MAR 1390 2
Father: Edward III King of England b: 13 NOV 1312 in Windsor Castle,   Windsor, co. Berks, England
Mother: Philippa DE HAINAULT b: 24 JUN 1311 in Hainault, France;
 daur. of William III D'AVESNES Comte de Hainault and Holland
 & of: Jeanne (Joanna) DE VALOIS b: ABT 1285 in Valois;
 gr-daur. of Charles, Comte de VALOIS, & of Margaret d’ANJOU   ‘di NAPOLI’; gr.gr-daur. of PHILIPPE III de VALOIS ‘le hardi’   et Isabelle d’ARAGON.
Marriage 1 Blanche of Lancaster b: 25 MAR 1345
* Married: 19 MAY 1359 in Reading, England 2 4
Children [1]
1.  Philippa PLANTAGENET of Lancaster b: 31 MAR 1360
2.  John of Lancaster b: ABT 1362
3.  Elizabeth of Lancaster (of Gaunt) b: BEF 21 FEB 1363
4.  Edward of Lancaster b: ABT 1365
5.  Henry IV (Of Bolingbroke) K.G., Earl of Bolingbroke, King of England b: APR 1366 in Bolingbroke Castle, co. Lincoln, England
6.  John of Lancaster b: BEF 04 MAY 1366
7.  Isabel of Lancaster b: ABT 1368
Marriage 2 Catherine DE ROET b: ABT 1350 in Prob. Hainaut, France
* Married: 13 JAN 1396 2
Children [2]
1.  John DE BEAUFORT KG, 1st Earl of Somerset b: BETWEEN 1370 AND 1372
2.  Henry DE BEAUFORT Bishop of Lancaster and Winchester b: ABT 1375
3.  Thomas DE BEAUFORT Duke of Exeter b: ABT 1377
4.  Joan DE BEAUFORT b: ABT 1379 in Beaufort Castle, England
Marriage 3 Constance (Constanza) of Castile b: 1354 in Castle Kerez
* Married: SEP 1371 in Roquefort, near Bordeaux, France 2
Children [3]
1.  Katherine of Lancaster b: 1372/73
2.  John of Lancaster b: 1374 in Ghent, Flanders
* Note:
Faris (1999) pp. 204-205: [quote]
[Marriage 1].  BLANCHE OF LANCASTER, younger daughter and co-heiress, was born on 25 Mar. 1345, and received Pontefract, Co. Lancaster. She was married at Reading on 13 May 1359 to her cousin JOHN OF LANCASTER [of Gaunt], K.G., fourth but third surviving son of King Edward III, K.G.  He was born at St. Bavon's Abbey, Ghent in Flanders in March 1340 [see PLANTAGENET 12 for his ancestry]. He was created Earl of Richmond on 20 Sep. 1342. He was created Duke of Lancaster on 13 Nov. 1362 in consequence of the marriage, and was ancestor of the Lancastrian Kings of England. BLANCHE OF LANCASTER died at Bolingbroke Castle, co. Lincoln, aged twenty-four, on 12 Sep. 1368, and was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral. Chaucer's Boke of the Duchesse is the author's tribute to her memory.
[Marriage 2].  John was married for the 2nd time at Roquefort near Bordeaux in September 1371 to CONSTANCE DE CASTILLE, elder surviving daughter & Co-heiress of Pedro I (the Cruel), Rey de Castilla, by his 1st wife Maria, daughter of Juan Garc¸as de Padilla, Lord of Villagera. She was born at Castro Kerez in 1354. In her right John assumed in September 1371 the title of King of Castille & Leon. From 1376 until his death his diplomatic & military services in France and Guienne, and in Scotland, and his Spanish expedition (1386-88) formed interludes in the factious life of politics in which, as eldest uncle of King Richard II & his chief subject, he was involved. He was created Duke of Aquitaine on 2 Mar. 1390.  CONSTANCE DE CASTILLE died at Leicester on 24 Mar. 1394, and was buried in the Newark there.
[Marriage 3].  John was married for the 3rd time on 13 Jan. 1396 to KATHERINE DE ROËT [see BEAUFORT 11 for their descendants].
[Death].  JOHN OF LANCASTER [of Gaunt], DUKE OF LANCASTER, died testate (P.C.C., 13 Beaufort) at Leicester Castle aged fifty-nine on 3 Feb. 1398/9, & was buried in St. Paul's with his first wife. His widow died at Lincoln 10 May 1403, and was buried at Lincoln Cathedral. C.P. 4:204 (1916). CF. 5:196 (1926).
[Character].  C.P. 7:410-416 (1929) ("it is curious that this man of many titles is so familiar in our mouths as plain John of Gaunt--a name never used in his own time after his third year, when he received his first peerage title--for he was in every way a more ordinary man than his brilliant predecessor [father-in-law], who is forgotten. Perhaps it is to Shakespeare that he owes both name and lasting fame"), 416 footnote b ('The Duke was a man of culture, reading with Chaucer (whom he met first at Christmas 1357) the Latin poets as well as the fashionable French romances. Chaucer ... tells us that in his youth the Duke himself made verses. He came into contact several times with Wyclif, and was in favour of the translation of the Bible into English, but his support of anti-papal views must have been either temporary or merely political, for indulgences were sold in aid of his Spanish expeditions, 1386 ... The Duke was not in any walk of life brilliant, but won respect, even of his enemies, by good faith, tolerance, and a mind above the pettiness of revenge".).  Chaucer Review 8:253 ff (1973-4). Schwennicke (1984) 2:85. C.P. 14:421 (1998).

Children [1] of John of Lancaster [of Gaunt], by Blanche of Lancaster:
i. JOHN OF LANCASTER, born about 1362, died young.
ii. EDWARD OF LANCASTER, born about 1365, died young.
iii. JOHN OF LANCASTER, born before 4 May 1366, died young.
iv. HENRY OF LANCASTER [of Bolingbroke] [see next].
v. PHILIPPE OF LANCASTER, born 31 Mar. 1360, married JOHN I, King of Portugal.
vii. ISABEL OF LANCASTER, born about 1368, died young

Children [2] of John of Lancaster [of Gaunt], by Constance de Castille:
viii. JOHN OF LANCASTER, born at Ghent 1374, died young.
ix. KATHERINE OF LANCASTER, born 1372/3, married ENRIQUE III, Rey de Castilla y Leon. [end quote]

Faris (1999, p. 14): [quote] JOHN OF LANCASTER [of Gaunt], Duke of Lancaster, fourth son, was married for the third time [see LANCASTER 11 for earlier marriages and descendants by those marriages] at Lincoln Cathedral on 13 Jan. 1395/6 to KATHERINE DE ROET, widow, with a son Thomas [see DARCY 10], of Hugh de Swynford, Knt., of Colby and Kettlethorpe, co. Lincoln (died 13 Nov. 1371), and younger daughter and coheiress of Pain de Roet, Knt., Guienne King of Arms, a Hainaulter, and one of the knights of Queen Philippe's household. She was born, probably in Hainaut, about 1350 and had formerly been the governess to his daughters, and then his mistress, and by her he had children, born before marriage, with eldest son, John, born before the death of her husband, Hugh Swynford. The marriage was ratified and confirmed during the Great Schism by the Roman pope, Boniface IX. Their three sons were legitimised, with the assent of Parliament, on 9 Feb. 1396/7, the patent confirmed by King Henry IV on 10 Feb. 1406/7, but with a saving clause barring them from succession to the throne. Their children were given the name Beaufort from their father's (lost) castle in Champagne which had devolved on him through his first wife, Blanche of Lancaster, a descendant of Blanche d'Artois who had purchased the lordship of Beaufort in 1270.  His widow died on 10 May 1403, and was buried at Lincoln Cathedral.
C.P. 7:415 footnote i (1929). C.P. 12(1):39-45 (1953). TAG 32:9-10 (Jan. 1956) (Philippe de Roet, Sister of Katherine, was wife of the poet Geoffrey Chaucer). C.P. 4:64 footnotes e & f (1916).

Children [3] of John of Lancaster [of Gaunt], by Katherine de Roet:
iii. THOMAS BEAUFORT, born about January 1377, K.G. about 1400,
Chancellor of England, Admiral of England, Ireland and
Aquitaine, created Earl of Dorset, at siege of Harfleur,
created Duke of Exeter, at siege of Rouen, and of Melun, died
testate at his manor of Greenwich 31 Dec. 1426 s.p.s., buried
Bury St. Edmunds; married before 15 Feb. 1404 MARGARET NEVILLE,
born about 1385, daughter and heiress of Thomas Neville, Knt.,
of Hornby, having issue a son Henry, died young. D.N.B. 3:49-50
(1908). C.P. 4:417 (1916). C.F. 5:200-204 (1926).
iv. JOAN BEAUFORT [see next]. [end quote] 1

* Name: John DE BEAUFORT KG, 1st Earl of SOMERSET
* Birth: BETWEEN 1370 AND 1372 2
* Death: 16 MAR 1409/10 in St. Katherine-By-The-Tower, London, England 2 3
* Occupation: Marquess of Dorset 29 SEP 1397 4
* Occupation: Earl of Somerset 10 FEB 1396/97 3
* Occupation: M.P. 17 SEP 1397 3
* Occupation: Marquess of Somerset 5

Father: John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster, KG b: 24 JUN 1340 in St. Bevon's Abbey, Ghent, Flanders
Mother: Catherine DE ROET b: ABT 1350 in Prob. Hainaut, France
Marriage 1 Margaret DE HOLAND
* Married: BEF 28 SEP 1397 1 2
2.  Margaret BEAUFORT
3.  Henry BEAUFORT 2nd Earl of Somerset b: OCT 1401
4.  John BEAUFORT KG, Duke of Somerset b: BEF 25 MAR 1404
5.  Thomas DE BEAUFORT Earl of Perche b: 1405
6.  Edmund BEAUFORT Earl of Dorset, Duke of Somerset
  b: ABT 1406
* Note:
Faris (1999, pp. 332-333): [quote] JOHN BEAUFORT, Knt., K.G., eldest base-born son, was born about 1371 (aged twenty-one in 1392). He was created Earl of Somerset on 10 Feb. 1396/7, and Marquess of Dorset on 29 Sep. 1397. He was summoned to Parliament on 17 Sep. 1397. He was married before 28 Sep. 1397 to MARGARET HOLAND, daughter of Thomas de Holand [of Woodstock], 2nd Earl of Kent (descendant of King Edward I), by Alice (descendant of King Henry III), daughter of Richard Fitz Alan, 5th Earl of Arundel. She was sister and co-heiress of Edmund Holand, Earl of Kent [see HOLAND 8 for her ancestry].  JOHN BEAUFORT, Earl of Somerset, died testate in the hospital of St. Katherine-by-the-Tower on 16 Mar. 1409/10, and was buried in St. Michael's chapel in Canterbury Cathedral. His widow was married for the second time (with papal mandate dated 16 Aug. 1410) to THOMAS, Duke of Clarence, second son of King Henry IV (died 22 Mar. 1420/1 s.p.legit., being slain at the Battle of Bauge in Anjou). She died in the Monastery of St. Saviour's, Bermondsey, Surrey, on 30 Dec. 1429, and was buried with her two husbands in Canterbury Cathedral. SOMERSET (cont.) C.P. 4:64 note e (1416). C.P. 4:416 (1916). TAG 19:198 (Apr. 1943). C.P. 12(1):39-45 (1953), 40, note a (John Beaufort was born about 1371, being "in doublte advoutrow goten" according to King Richard III).
Children of John Beaufort, by Margaret de Holand:
i. HENRY BEAUFORT, son and heir, born Oct. 1401, 2nd Earl of
Somerset, died 25 Nov. 1418, unmarried, s.p.
iii. THOMAS BEAÜFORT, born 1405, styled Earl of Perche, died
unmarried 1432.
iv. EDMUND BEAUFORT [see next].
v. JOAN BEAUFORT, died at Dunbar 15 July 1445, married, first,
at St. Mary Overy's, Southwark 2 or 13 Feb. 1423/4 JAMES I OF
SCOTLAND, King of Scotland, born Dumferline December 1394,
crowned 21 May 1424 at Scone, murdered 21 Feb. 1436/7 at Perth,
buried there in the Carthusian Church; second, 1439 JAMES
STEWART, Knt. [the Black Knight of Lorne].
[end quote] 1

* Name: John BEAUFORT KG, Duke of SOMERSET
* Birth: BEF 25 MAR 1404 1 2
* Death: 27 MAY 1444 1 2
* Reference Number: GAV
* Occupation: Duke of Somerset 28 AUG 1443 2
* Burial: Wimborne Minster, England 2
* Occupation: Captain General Aquitaine and Normandy, France 2
Father: John DE BEAUFORT KG, 1st Earl of Somerset b: BETWEEN 1370 AND 1372
Mother: Margaret DE HOLAND
Marriage 1 Margaret DE BEAUCHAMP b: ABT 1410 in Bletsoe, co. Bedford, England
* Married: 1439 2 1 3
1.  Margaret BEAUFORT b: APR 1441 in Bletsoe, co. Bedford
Marriage 2 Spouse Unknown
1.  Tacine BEAUFORT

* Note:

Faris (1999) p. 360: [quote] JOHN BEAUFORT, K.G., second son, was born before 25 Mar. 1404. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Bauge in Anjou on 22 Mar. 1420/1, and was not released till 1438. His base-born daughter Tacy was probably born during this period, and was made a denizen on 20 June 1443. He was married in or about 1442 to MARGARET BEAUCHAMP, widow of Oliver Saint John, Knt., and daughter and heiress of John Beauchamp, Knt., of Bletsoe, co. Bedford (of Magna Carta Surety descent and descendant of Charlemagne), by Edith, daughter of John Stourton, Knt. He was created Duke of Somerset on 28 Aug. 1443. He was Captain-General in Aquitaine and Normandy, and returned to England disgraced after the failure of French campaign, and died soon after testate on 27 May 1444 s.p.m., buried Wimborne Minster. His widow was married for the 3rd time, about April 1447, as second wife, to LIONEL WELLES, 6th Lord Welles (descendant of King Edward I), slain at Towton 29 Mar. 1461) [see WELLES She died at a great age shortly before 3 June 1482. D.N.B. 3:48 (1908) ("died by his own hand it is said being unable to brook the disgrace of banishment from court"). CF. 4:207 (1916). CF. 6:180 (1926). CF. 12(l):46-28 (1953).
Child of John Beaufort, by Margaret Beauchamp:
i. MARGARET BEAUFORT [see next].
Child of John Beaufort, by an unidentified mistress:
ii. TACINE BEAUFORT, married REYHOLD GREY [see WILTON 7]. [end quote]
1. Title: The Lives of the Kings & Queens of England (revised & updated).  Abbrev: Fraser [1998] "Lives of the Ki[ngs]".  Author: ed. Antonia Fraser.  Publication: University of California Press, Berkely, 1998.  Page: p. 137
2. Title: Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists: The Descent from the Later Plantagenet Kings of England, Henry III, Edward I, and Edward III, of Emigrants from England and Wales to the North American Colonies before 1701, English Ancestry Series, Volume 1, Second Edition.  Abbrev: Faris, "Plantagenet Ancestry".  Author: David Faris.  Publication: New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Boston, MA, 1999.  Page: p. 360
3. Title: The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215 : The Barons Named in the MagnaCharta, 1215 and Some of Their Descendants Who Settled in AmericaDuring the Early Colonial Years, Fifth Edition.  Abbrev: Weis [1999] Magna Charta Suret.  Author: Frederick Lewis Weis, with additions and corrections by Walter Lee Sheppard Jr. & William R. Beall.  Publication: Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1999.
Note: Royal Families.  Repository: Name: Unknown.  Repository: Name: Unknown. Page: line 161-19, p. 191


* Name: Tacine BEAUFORT
* Death: AFT MAY 1469

Father: John BEAUFORT KG, Duke of Somerset b: BEF 25 MAR 1404
Marriage 1 Reynold DE GREY 7th Lord Grey of Wilton b: ABT 1421
* Married: BEF 29 SEP 1447 2
1.  John GREY Knt., 8th Lord Grey of Wilton


* Name: John GREY Knt., 8th Lord Grey of WILTON
* Death: 03 APR 1499
* Occupation: M.P. FROM 20 NOV 1496 TO 1
* Residence: Wilton, co. Hereford, England 1
* Burial: White Friars', London, England 1
Father: Reynold DE GREY 7th Lord Grey of Wilton b: ABT 1421
Mother: Tacine BEAUFORT
Marriage 1 Anne GREY
* Married: 1
1.  Edmund GREY 9th Lord Grey of Wilton b: ABT 1469
2.  Margaret GREY b: 1485 in Wilton, co. Hereford, England
Marriage 2 Elizabeth VAUGHAN
* Married: AFT MAR 1497/98 1

* Note:

Faris (1999, p. 376): "JOHN GREY, Knt., 8th Lord Grey, of Wilton, son and heir, was married to ANNE GREY, daughter of Edmund Grey, Lord Grey of Ruthin (descendant of King Edward III), by Katherine, daughter of Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland, (descendant of King Edward III) [see RUTHIN 7 for her ancestry]. He was summoned to Parliament on 20 Nov. 1496 by writ directed Johanni Grey de Wilton' chivaler. He was married for the second time to ELIZABETH VAUGHAN, widow of Thomas Cokesey (otherwise Greville), Knt., of Cooksey, co. Worcester (died 6 Mar. 1497/8 s.p.), and daughter of Thomas Vaughan. SIR JOHN GREY, Lord Grey, died on 3 Apr. 1499, and was buried at White Friars', London. His widow was married for the 3rd time to Edward Stanley, Knt., afterwards Lord Mounteagle, and died on 15 Jan. 1514/5. C.P. 6:180-181 (1926). C.P. 7:165 footnote e, footnote f (1929). NEHGR 108:177-178 (July 1954). Page! (1957) 260:6."
1. Title: Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists: The
Descent from the Later Plantagenet Kings of England, Henry III,
Edward I, and Edward III, of Emigrants from England and Wales
to the North American Colonies before 1701, English Ancestry
Series, Volume 1, Second Edition
Abbrev: Faris, "Plantagenet Ancestry"
Author: David Faris
Publication: New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Boston, MA,
Page: p. 376


* Name: Edmund GREY, 9th Lord Grey of WILTON
* Birth: ABT 1469 1
* Death: 05 MAY 1511 1 2
* Occupation: M.P. FROM 17 OCT 1509 TO 1
* Residence: Eton, Co. Buckingham, England 1
* Residence: Wilton, co. Hereford, England 1
Father: John GREY Knt., 8th Lord Grey of Wilton
Mother: Anne GREY
Marriage 1 Florence HASTINGS
* Married: BEF 1495 3
1.  Elizabeth GREY
2.  Tacy (Tasy, Thomasine) GREY b: ABT 1490

* Note:

Faris (1999, p. 376): "EDMUND GREY, of Eton, co. Buckingham, & London, 9th Lord Grey, of Wilton, son and heir, by first marriage, was born about 1469 (aged thirty and more at his father's death). He was summoned to Parliament on 17 Oct. 1509.  He was married before 1495 to FLORENCE HASTINGS, daughter and
co-heiress of Ralph Hastings, Knt., of Harrowden, co. Northampton, and Kirby, co. Leicester (descendant of King Edward III), by Amy, daughter and co-heiress of John Tattershall, of Woolwich, Kent, and Wanstead, Essex [see HASTINGS 9 for her ancestry]. They had four sons. "Edmund lord Grey de Wilton, of Wilton on Wye, Hereford" died testate (P.C.C., 38 Bennett) on 5 May 1511 survived by his wife. Stemmata Chicheleana (1765), p. 31 ("Florence = Edm. Grey of Wilton [with children] William, Lord Grey ob. 1562 [&] Elizabeth ob. 1559 = John Brydges, Lord Chandos") (Agnes Chichele, mother of Anne Tattershall, was "Founder's Kin").
C.P. 6:181-186 (1926). NEHGR 108:177-178 (July 1954) (asserts Tacy was daughter of Arthur Grey, of Wilton, a grandson of Edmund Grey). NEHGR 110:232 (July 1956). Paget (1957) 260:6
(marriage date) (no named daughters).
Child of Edmund Grey, by Florence Hastings:
i. TACY GREY, married JOHN GYSE [see HAVILAND 4].1"


* Name: Tacy (Tasy, Thomasine) GREY
* Birth: ABT 1490 (3)
* Burial: 15 NOV 1558 Elmore, co. Gloucester, England (3)
* Death: BEF 15 NOV 1558 (3)

Father: Edmund GREY 9th Lord Grey of Wilton b: ABT 1469
Mother: Florence HASTINGS
Marriage 1 John GYSE Esq. b: ABT 1485
* Married: (4)
1.  William GYSE b: ABT 1514

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5.  Descent of Tacey Grey from Edward III

There are 2 lines of descent,

1.  From her father's father, John Grey, descended of John of Gaunt;
2.  From her father's mother, Anne Grey, descended of Lionel of Clarence & Antwerp.
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