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2ème Bac. S.H | May 2015

#    Language Test    #

  1. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given.        {5 points}
    1. Although he has money, he never helps the poor.
      In spite of

    2. They used to visit us on weekends.

    3. I sold all my furniture.
      If only

    4. We didn't go out because it was raining.
      Owing to

    5. "Don't stay up late at night!" She told her son.
      She advised him

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense or form.        {3 points}

    1. I handed in the application form as soon as I [sign] it.   
    2. By 5 this afternoon, we [have] three tests.    
    3. He was sorry for [not / be] able to help us..    
    4. Don't just make your parents [feel] worthless!.   
    5. I don't know how [deal] with complicated situations.    
    6. We are used to [do] quizzes like this one.    

  3. Choose the most appropriate modal verb to fill in the blank        {2 points}

    1. They (will / have to) probably set up a new hospital in the region.   
    2. You (can't / needn't) worry about everything.   

  4. Put the words between brackets in the correct form.        {2 points}

    1. WHO and FAO are [national] organizations.    
    2. Poor farmers need [empower] to achieve food self-sufficiency.    
    3. Where can I look for further [inform] on this organisation?   
    4. Farmers from developing countries need more [assist] .    

  5. Match the words that go together to make collocations:        {2 points}

    a. diversity
    1. civic b. education1. 1.
    2. culturalc. shock2. 2.
    d. society

    Download Collocation list for Bac. >>

  6. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words or expressions from the list.        {1 point}

    who whom whose which where why

    1. I don't know the person is insisting on meeting you.   
    2. This is the person wife is appointed the manager of our firm.    
    3. This is the reason I must keep revising my English lessons.   

  7. Match each sentence with its appropriate function.        {4 points}

    a. asking for clarification b. apologizing c. advice d. regret e. complaining f. certainty

    1. You ought to make more efforts. 1.
    2. I'm sorry. I didn't get the last part.2.
    3. I'm sorry for making you angry!3.
    4. I oughtn't to have wasted my time on Facebook.4.

    All functions

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