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2ème Bac. S.H | May 2015

#    Language Test    #

  1. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given.        {5 points}
    1. "Get started!" She told us
      She asked us

    2. Although he was tired, he insisted on going to work.
      In spite of

    3. They ought to do quizzes like this one regularly.
      Quizzes like this one

    4. They ignored her warnings.
      They wish

    5. She didn't see me because it was dark.
      Owing to

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense or form.        {3 points}

    1. If the road had been paved, they [not / have] an accident.   
    2. By the end of May, we [study] English for 4 years.    
    3. He went back to work after he [eat] a bite quickly.   
    4. Don't just let your parents[get] disappointed!.   
    5. I don't know where [find] the money to buy him a present.    
    6. He is used to [blame] others for his failure.    

  3. Choose the most appropriate modal verb to fill in the blank        {2 points}

    1. They (should / had to) call the police when they saw the thief.   
    2. You (won't / needn't) tell me if you don't want to.    

  4. Put the words between brackets in the correct form.        {2 points}

    1. I envy the nomads for their [ordinary] life style.    
    2. All the kids should be treated on [equality] footing.    
    3. She is good, but her work needs some [organize]    
    4. I think true [friend] makes life more interesting.    

  5. Match the words that go together to make collocations:        {2 points}

    a. diversity
    1. civil b. education1. 1.
    2. culturec. shock2. 2.
    d. society

    Download Collocation list for Bac. >>

  6. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words or expressions from the list.        {1 point}

    who whom whose which where why

    1. This is the reason I am giving you books to read.   
    2. Have you read the book I offered you last month?.    
    3. That's the book you can find the answer to all your questions.    

  7. Match each sentence with its appropriate function.        {4 points}

    a. complaining b. asking for clarification c. regret d. certainty e. advice f. apologizing

    1. Undoubtedly reading is one of the best hobbies. 1.
    2. Excuse me. What was that again? 2.
    3. Enough is enough! 3.
    4. If only I hadn't wasted my precious time in chat-rooms! .4.

    All functions

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