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1 bac. Sciences | Reading Test | November 2016

Reading Test

        (1) Hi 1ère Bac. Students! My name is Robert, and I am a forty years of age engineer. My wife Linda and I live and work in New York. I know a Moroccan taxi driver there called Salim. He advised me to visit Morocco, and I took his advice seriously. It was my first visit to Morocco.

        (2) My wife and I were very glad when we arrived at the airport safe. First we took a taxi to the hotel, and then we decided to go to the famous "Jamae Lafna square". After we arrived there, we started taking photos, they were all awesome especially my wife's photo with "Lamsayyah".

        (3) ) I posted the photo on my facebook wall for the family to see and like . As a result, It got plenty of "likes" and several funny comments. We also visited and filmed some great historic monuments like "Koutoubia", "Menara" and "Badia Palace". My wife shared the videos with her aunt, Beth on Instagram.

        (4) Well, in brief, Marrakech for me is the most exotic city in the world. I loved it very much. My wife and I decided to always spend our vacations in your country as there are other exciting places to visit.



         A. Answer these questions       [6 pts]
  1. What is Robert and how old is he?

  2. Where is Robert from?

  3. How many people are there in the text? Name them.

  4. How did Robert arrive in Marrakech?

  5. How did they go to the hotel?

         B. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY       [5 pts]

  1. Robert is married.  
  2. Robert visited Morocco before.  
  3. Robert has got a facebook account.  
  4. Beth saw the historic monuments on Instagram.  
  5. Robert promised to come back to Morocco.  

         C. What do the underlined words in the text refer to?       [3 pts]

  1. "there" (1/L2)   
  2. "there" (2/L3)   
  3. "it" (3/L1)   
  4. "her" (3/L.2)   
  5. "it" (3/L3)   
  6. "our" (4/L2)   

         D. Find in the text words or expressions which mean the same as:       [3 pts]

  1. happy (2)   
  2. popular (2)   
  3. particularly (2)   
  4. a lot of (3)   
  5. many (3)   
  6. holidays (4)   

         E. Pick out from the text sentences expressing       [3 pts]

  1. effect   
  2. opinion   
  3. cause