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1 Bac. Sc => Reading => November => 55 minutes.

Reading Test

            Hi 1ère Bac. Students! Clara is my name, and I am a doctor from Roma, Italy. Last week, I was with a group of doctors in Morocco for an international conference. Your country is really gorgeous, and the people are nice and generous. They welcome the strangers.

            Before we started the conference, we first visited some wonderful monuments in Fes and Meknes. Their architecture is interesting. Then we flew to Marrakech. I liked Jamae Lafna square. It is a very famous place. There, I tasted delicious food, and took some beautiful photos with the acrobats and the dancers. I also bought a multicolored carpet from an old man called, Bihi.

            My friends preferred Fes and Meknes, but as far as I am concerned, Marrakech is the most exciting place in the world. I promise to come back one day. Good luck with your studies.


            A.     Answer these questions   

  1. What is Clara?

  2. What nationality is Clara?

  3. When did Clara come to Morocco?

  4. Why did Clara come to Morocco?

  5. Who is Bihi?

            C.     Are these sentences True or False? Justify    

  1. Clara came to Morocco alone.

  2. Clara liked the Moroccan people.

  3. Clara went to Marrakech by train.

  4. Clara liked the Moroccan food.

  5. Clara preferred Fes and Meknes to Marrakech.

            B.     What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?    

  1. "they" (1 - line 3)  
  2. "their" (2 - line 2)  
  3. "there" (2 - line 3)  
  4. "I" (3 - line 2)  

            D.    Find in the text words or phrases which mean the same as.    

  1. beautiful (1)  

  2. after that (2)

  3. popular (2)

  4. return (3)  

            E.    Pick out a sentence from the text expressing opinion    

II.     WRITING   

        What did you do yesterday? Write a paragraph.


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