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1 bac Sciences | Reading Test | November 2016

Reading Test

        (§1) Hi 1ère Bac. Students! I am Reda, a thirty-two-year old doctor from Casablanca. I like my work a lot since it saves lives, and I am always glad to help sick people get healthy again.

        (§2) Yesterday was my day off, so my wife, Imane, the kids and I decided to go to Marrakech to relax. We visited a lot of monuments and we ate delicious dishes in "Jamae Lafna square". We also took gorgeous photos, but our son Anas wanted to have a photo with “Lamsayyah” to use as his facebook profile image.

        (§3) I published the photos on my facebook wall for the family and friends to see and enjoy. They got a lot of "likes" and several funny comments. My daughter Bahija shared the videos with her friends on Instagram. After I performed "Al Isha" prayer at "Alkoutoubiya" Mosque, we took the train back to Casa.

        (§4) Well, I believe there are other good places for holidays in our country. For instance there is Merzouga. Our friend, Ihsane, said it is wonderful, and she adores it a lot. I can't wait to go there, too.



         A. Answer these questions       [6 pts]
  1. What is Reda and how old is he?

  2. What nationality is he?

  3. How many people are there in the text? Name them.

  4. What did the family do in Marrakech?

  5. How did the family return to Casablanca?

         B. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY       [5 pts]

  1. Reda loves his job very much.  
  2. Reda is married and has got two sons.  
  3. Bahija has got a facebook account.  
  4. Marrakech is the best place to spend holidays in Morocco.  
  5. Reda visited Merzouga, too.  

         C. What do the underlined words in the text refer to?       [3 pts]

  1. "it" (§1/L2)   
  2. "his" (§2 /L3)   
  3. "they"(§3/L1)   
  4. "her" (§3/L.2)   
  5. "we" (§3 /L3)   
  6. "there" (§4/L2)   

         D. Find in the text words which mean the same as:       [3 pts]

  1. happy (§1)   
  2. meals (§2)   
  3. many (§3)   
  4. vacations (§4)   
  5. for example (§4)   
  6. fantastic (§4)   

         E. Pick out from the text sentences expressing …       [3 pts]

  1. cause   
  2. effect   
  3. opinion