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The Choice Makers' Trap

By Mubarak Abdessalami

          Is it always true nowadays that "the one-eyed is king in the kingdom of the blind"? Let's see!

          Have you ever been contacted before launching a product or a project to the local or international markets for fresh consumption? If you were, you were somehow paid to say everything is OK. Did you see all the constituents of the product or the machinations of the project? Did they tell you how those things were made or fabricated? What you are generally told are the things that will make you consent blindly. What you are asked to do is just to accept and be fooled. You know why? Because they want you to sincerely believe they can choose the best for you and me. In fact they are just trying to give legitimacy to their manoeuvres in a way that makes you an accomplice. You are consequently crooked into confirming something you actually don't know anything about. You become a pillar to their choice framework but on a very low level because they decide and let you applaud. You know why? It is because you are One-eyed citizen.

          Did they tell you how they can make tomato resistant to the natural degradation? Did they tell anything about the interference they accomplish to cheat you? Did they tell you that they are ready to make money on your back without even glancing to the potential harm this product or that project can make to you or to your welfare? You'll never know! They want you to consume, give your money, shut up and die. They are indifferent to your suffering as well as to your opinion. You count nothing for their ambitious scheme to make of you a simple pawn that helps completing the game and makes it feasible, easy and enjoyable.

          Believe it or not, the choice makers are fooling us. They know how to modulate us to believe in what they say or do through the mass media. In politics they make you an accomplice when they convince you that killing children is a holly task that everybody should participate in including all of us. They want you to choose something you don't want to choose by killing the sense of judgement until you become half blind. Many people are against killing but when they tell you that if we don't kill them they will surely kill us, you are dragged into the game and forced to play using the same tactic. You didn't choose to kill innocent people but because you participate in the game, you consent and it becomes legal and you become a hero fighting for the free world and the welfare of humanity. You are misled and that's their primary aim before launching the attack against the "fascists" (i.e. those who are different). Gradually you become aware that it is only a game and refuse to continue; then you start to go to the streets to say "NO!", "STOP!" and "Halt!" etc. For them you become a pain in the neck for them. Your case could be seen in terms of sickness, stupidity, terrorism, or revolt. So, because they become unable to cheat you more to approve their atrocities, they accuse you of something and you are condemned.

          As we talk about the choice makers' atrocities, let's first see who their targets are. I believe you are one; simply and shortly.

          When you pay to contribute in manufacturing mass murder weaponry and never ask where your tax money goes, you are done. You become a pawn and you approve their plans for the steady systematic race cleansing.

          When you stop questioning why there are so many wars everywhere, you are unaware of the consequences that may be engendered from that. You may one day be a victim yourself. It never matters for them. If you are killed, it is just a number that has been taken away from a loaded list of stupid consumers of myths and stupidities. Many more other coming operations like that will destroy as many other nave people like you that applaud what the choice makers preach. When you cease claiming your rights to know about what is going on, you are transgressed and you can never be a threat for their devilish plans to intimidate everybody. They can promise you that from now on you are going to live in peace, but you will never in peace. When you finally become one-eyed, you are their favourite and you'll let them choose for you no matter what the nature of the choice actually is. Once the fire they lit starts at your home, they simply accuse someone else and say it was a terrorist act. OK, but what about you? There will no room for such inquiry because you'll already be a victim? Remember! You never were for them but a number in the loaded list. Many others like you will rebuild your house, or what used to be your house, and live there until another fire starts elsewhere and come to wolf their lives and their property and so on. Never be fooled that power is eternal. If World War II didn't take place (but it did), France and Britain would never let something like the U.S.A float on the surface. Nothing ever lasts. Some day another country like China or Iran or Korea or Mozambique will lead the world and all the poor American citizens (from all races and religions) will pay for the old atrocities their government practised. What a gloomy future they are leading us to! We'll pay for them or in along term they are our children who will for sure.

          When you just look indifferent, you indirectly tell them that you approve their acts and you give your word they are right, and that's what they aim at anyway. They are good manipulators of the general opinion. They are able to persuade you that the black is white and vice-versa. They can deceive you into committing the biggest gaffe in your life: not to be yourself. Don't just let them manipulate you. If they propose something you judge good for humanity, yourself and your progeny, accept it. If not, be yourself once and say, "I didn't elect you to kill my children through killing other people's children with my money".

          Do you know why the Americans, I mean the kind peaceful citizens, side with the foolishness of the White House? They are one-eyed people. They see and hear only the things the choice makers want them to know and understand. A friend of mine told me that she operated on her blind eye and now she can see quite better. I asked her some questions, and for you I report the conversation.

Q: First of all, how did you discover that one of your eyes was blind?
A: Because things start to look blurring and from time to time a flash of light comes to remind me that I don't see well and I have to do something to see what that flash of light bear as information.

Q: What was the nature of the operation you made?
A: I first tried to question everything that the choice makers say and analyse them through seeking for different sources of information and different opinions.

Q: What did you think of operating whereas everybody else is happy with the amount of light he receives?
A: I felt disabled. They kept lying at me for a long time until I started to believe that their untruthfulness is the only pure truth there is. I was wrong! My sight is gradually shortened by the successive lies and propaganda.

Q: Do you think that now you become to see the real truth? Who told you that you become completely blind when you don't listen to the choice makers as "know all"?
A: If this is blindness, I like it. At least I can see well. Did you read William Shakespeare's play, "King Lear"?

Q: Yes, I see what you mean! Man cannot be sane but in insanity and cannot see well until blind.
A: That's it! For me, I no longer bear life but either through full sight or full blindness. At the end it is the same thing. What I never accept is to live with one eye: the field of my sight is reduced and this harms me and all the other people who share this planet with me. When I started comparing between my previous state as one-eyed and my present condition as fully blind, I saw those children who were bombarded while sleeping peacefully like angels in their mothers' arms, and a storm of ideas come to ravage every old doctrine I believed in.

  1. Are they really that cheap and futile?
  2. Aren't they human beings like me?
  3. Are they really terrorists?
  4. Are they only but disgusting pests?
  5. Is our blood purer and nobler than theirs?

          As these and other questions of the same trend whirled into my mind, the choice makers' ideas -that had already been implanted in my brain- suddenly, started to answer for my wonders.

  1. Yes those rascals are cheap and futile because they are dangerous and they just consume the planet oxygen that our children need.
  2. They are human beings but from a very low rank, that God hates and asks us to wipe them out so as to live for peace pure and happy.
  3. Yes, if they aren't terrorists right now, they surely will one day. We are sure of that because they are Muslims or so.
  4. They are pests. That's true because they are projects for future kamikazes, they are pests and we have to fight them before they contaminate or destroy us and before it is too late.
  5. Without questioning! Our blood is the noblest. We are the preachers of love and freedom, because we are God's sons. We are the masters and the lords of all other people.

As I could see well, the answers completely changed,

  1. Cheap and futile?! Of course NOT. They are like us. They want a home and seek for love and warmth like everybody on this planet. They like to enjoy life without being victims of transfer or extermination. It is not their mistake if you are so greedy that you want to take their land from them. They have to defend their property because it is their reason d'être.
  2. They are human beings and have the right to live in peace like every one of us. This earth is a mother to all of us.
  3. Terrorists?! But they are either a few months old or as old as the history of the human conflicts. How come?!!!
  4. Nobody is purer than the other except for the good he can offer to mankind. We are all from Adam and Eve. We come out of the same womb and we share the same planet together. They are not extraterrestrials. They are our brothers and sisters.

          I don't think it is a good idea to stay helpless about these anomalies and discriminations. All of us have to operate so as we could see well and clear. The choice makers are the ones to blame. They are wanton boys and we are flies for them. (W. Shakespeare) Tolerance is a weird term for them.

          Beware! If both your eyes are healed and you can see, you have to be vigilant as they won't let you enjoy that for long. If they couldn't forge you again and intimidate you, they will accuse you of terrorism just because you see perfectly well and can think properly and side with the rights of the others and feel for coexistence. You have to question every single piece of word they utter for they tell lies as they breathe. Don't just think they are doing you good. On the contrary, they are harming you and eventually killing you by the hands of the enemies they are forming for tomorrow. Our children won't be safe in the future, because history is full of payback stories. We are exposing our children to massacre because of our racism and the cruel games we are playing. The choice makers won't be there tomorrow to protect our children from what may come. They won't be there when our children pay for their mistakes and sins. We have to protect our children from now by protesting against all the greed and anomalies that lead to atrocities and genocides. All of us are humans - including those we persecute for Oil or other reasons by the choice makers order - and we know that revenge is a meal that is better eaten cold as the French proverb goes. Our children are doomed to pay because hatred and wars are blind.

          Finally, the one-eyed man cannot detect if something is far or near unless his blind eye recovers. And the one-eyed man cannot see if such or such act is normal or abnormal unless he becomes completely blind. Truth then is seen by people who can see, but the essence of truth is rather seen by blind people. The proverb thus goes, "The blind is king in the kingdom of the one-eyed people".