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Interfectio-onis Pullus!

The hen only sighed and started speaking very lowly as if whispering to herself,
          "I sympathize with those, who think we are not aware of the fact that we are constantly and permanently exploited, abused, cheated and made ridiculous and .. fat. I guess they are not aware that they are but misleading themselves. On the contrary some of them are aware; but they just think we are intimidated enough that we cannot react to anything that harms us because we are used to suffering while looking at the others enjoying our shares in life and existence. It may be true that we aren't intelligent enough, or perhaps we are a little bit more stupid. I don't know but what is sure however is that we are too kind. Our morality is a major factor in hindering us from struggling to recuperate the share that belongs to us. No doubt that our attitude towards the thefts we are constantly undergoing is unbearable and unjustified. Our eggs and chicks are stolen in the day light. Our boring approach to the whole matter is archaic hence barren par excellence, but we cannot help it! We are undoubtedly the most fearful among cattle and fowls on this planet, but wait! I haven't finished chanting yet! I am absolutely sure that if those who take stealing for a job (and they are professionals) heard these words, they will immediately judge me for high betrayal. Look! Even in being stolen we don't feel any desire to say we are. We have already taken it for granted that we are made and we are living just to be stolen and made fun of. I've got no objection because if I were powerful myself, maybe I'll be more authoritative and oppressive. It is something innate in the "chickens'" nature, just remember the term 'slavery' and a stream of horrible things may suddenly cross your mind....We have to be motivated so that the burglar will find it enjoyable to take something you don't want him to take, but when he takes your property without resistance, he won't enjoy it, the poor! Consequently we'll suffer a lot! So I think we can make the game more exciting just by giving him some appetite to enjoy his thievery."

The chicken looked right then left and resumed,

          "What I am saying is the most dangerous thing a chicken has ever uttered. They steal our eggs, our chicks and we don't do anything but cackle and cackle and hardly crackle! What a cackling noise we make! It is annoying for the thieves and conceivably may make them angry! Consequently, they may create (through our eggs) a generation of chickens that are dumb! Aren't we dumb enough?!" Laboratories are already open for experimentation. I guess we are exposed to the most horrible exploitation ever occurred on this planet. Not only did they make of our flesh food for them but for ourselves as well. I am not chanting this time. We do eat each other! Isn't that cannibalism? The cows are being exposed to the same diet. Man, too I guess???! The cows are now carnivores! What a bloody jerk chicken! Wait! I am heading for fire. Do you hear of something called Dioxin? We are supposed to be the cause of mortal diseases despite ourselves. What about the newly invented weapons named "Avian Flu" or "Bird Flu" or "SARS"? The death toll among humans continues to grow because of this famous disease we are excellent at spreading!!! In other words we become bombers, kamikazes, death messengers. I am proud of Man that nowadays people are scared of chickens in ... Supermarkets. They are afraid to approach us dead .. what if we were alive?! The panic is universal, and the chicken wars will soon burst! In fact man is killing man through us because of greed. We are exposed to a phenomenon worse than extinction : we are being degenerated. We undergo a sort of metamorphose that may end up in ogres that spit fire or to a species that gives food, milk and vegetables, I don't know. What is sure then is that our genes are being designed to breed calm, passive, submissive chickens that are ready to accept the fact that they are not fit to rule but just to be ruled over and live very hard trying conditions without complaint so as to guarantee that the manipulators live in peace. In brief we'll never be respectful chickens. What we really need is to be motivated to make the thieves crusades very funny and fruitful. We need to be motivated while we are being exposed to a multitude of physical, mental, moral, spiritual and nutritive thefts. No two would disagree that chickens all over the world start taking it for granted that money is the sole responsible factor behind all these blindly executed barbarous acts. Because of money we can one day become cows or bulls or at least as big as they are. Do you know the story of the hen that laid golden eggs? It is always the same greed story."

She carried on, but this time with obstinacy,

          "We are being pushed around and I am stupidly trying to explain how things are occurring. My serious problem however is that I know almost exactly all (without exaggeration) about their intentions. We - chickens - are forced to use the safety belt in our coops, henhouses or outside just to be safe enough to kill as many humans as possible. My neighbour once told me that while she was checking out her new dictionary edition for the MODERN CHICKEN, she found this : "Any of various weapons detonated to release destructive material, such as smoke, gas or influenza". I was astonished and decided to find out myself, so I checked the newest edition of the Intercontinental Chicken Utility dictionary, abbreviated as "I.C.U" and found this, "A modern Chicken is a newly fabricated explosive weapon detonated by impact, proximity to a carnivore target like a human being, a timing mechanism that destroys the target as soon as it is consumed fresh, fried or cooked". Once in hospital the victims are directly led to the I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit) but this is rarely of any utility. The natural poultry law forbids the use of such weapons as Atomic bombs, cluster bombs, nuclear bombs and chicken bombs. But the human law guided by governments' mutual interests, the power of money and the strategy of keeping allies under threat will ignore this and we -chickens- will keep undergoing different genetic engineering torture experiments until we become unidentified non-flying species."

She sadly continuous..

          "To be a chicken nowadays is pretty a clear pejorative insinuation! So beware! Don't be chicken! The manipulators' conduct towards the chickens is quite immoral and corrupt. If it happens that you are a rooster or something, maybe you are well-treated or even allowed to take the top of the highest point in the coop. This is not the case for the poor "lethal" chickens that we are! As chickens, we become terrorists, suicidal attackers when we drop in your dish for dinner. They only made us terrorists on purpose to find a "fundamental" enemy to kill as their favorite pastime game. See what is happening in supermarkets... Everybody is suspicious when it is a matter of chickens."
She took a deep breath before she resumed,
          "Our old poor master has nothing to do with all these plots. He himself is a victim. He has complete trust in those who work for him to look after us, to rear us, to warm us, to make us useful, valuable and gainful etc. Nonetheless, many of our chicken comrades were systematically been kidnapped and never seen again. One day the poor master realized that he had been being stolen, so he ordered his collaborators to investigate and find out the main responsible behind all those thefts. What happened after that is very funny: The investigators started looking for the thieves who they -themselves- were. I mean they were asked to track and pursue themselves. This looks funny but it is deeply hurting. The master never knew that the real elements behind those thefts were but his near collaborators. They facilitated the stealing process and they get the biggest part. Who the real thieves were then, according to you?! Weren't they the facilitators?! The thieves in action were hardly pawns that were paid for the 'work' they do. Still the process is going on, on both sides: the first, thefts, the second investigations. And the poor chickens were, as always, paying for all sacrificing themselves, their chicks and eggs. But the genetic engineering will prove that stealing the chickens has never been a good job!"

I looked at the chicken and said,
          "Everybody now would think you are a real chicken but in fact you are not though you are, somehow, ONE!"
          The "chicken" just smiled, said, "You are one, too!", waved goodbye and ran away!