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Updated Nov. 30, 2005


Bayonets and Scabbards Confederate Canteens Federal Canteens


grandy61.jpg (34891 bytes)

Abner Williamson Grandy, Company B, 61st Va. Inf.

This post war picture shows Grandy has lost his fighting "trim" as evident by the fit of his coat.  Never the less, he is proud of his Confederate Uniform. Grandy was born in Camden Co. N.C. He was wounded several times the last being at Hatchers Run in Feb. of 1865. He is reported in Chimborazo at the end of the war. Grandy died in 1908 at Norfolk and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk.

His uniform is a Richmond Depot Type III which is characterized by the lack of epaulets and belt loops. This type jacket was issued from mid 1864 until the end of the war. It was probably the last uniform he was issued. It is most likely made from the English Army cloth which was being imported in large amounts from mid 1863 until the war's end. Notice the fraying at the end of the sleeves showing this coat was worn for some period of time before wars end. As you can see, this cabinet card was taken at the J.H. Faber shops in Norfolk, Va. 

Richmond Depot Type III jacket.

RD3_EC1.jpg (59654 bytes)

This is the type of jacket that Grandy has on  in the above picture. It is a RD III made of English Army cloth and worn by Pvt. John K. Coleman of the 6th SC Inf. The picture of this jacket was taken at the 2004 Gettysburg show and is compliments of OLD SOUTH MILITARY ANTIQUES. This jacket is also pictured in "Echoes of Glory, Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy". The cloth used on this jacket is very rough and scratchy to the touch and the color as indicated in the picture is a little off but the actual color is the deep blue commonly associated with cloth of this type.  A full set of well worn South Carolina buttons were apparently added to the coat after issue since the Richmond Depot did not issue jackets with state buttons. It should be noted that this jacket has been restored and I do not know if the top stitching is original.Coat is shown with a CS cartridge box and belt plate.

RDECcmb.jpg (58706 bytes)


YELONEW.gif (952 bytes) Another interesting type III Richmond Depot jacket.

This one uses US eagle cuff buttons on the front and two non-functional cuff buttons on the cuff. The coat is made of English Kersey.

The front buttons appear to be original to the jacket and are another example of the use of US eagle buttons on Confederate uniforms. The cuff buttons were added sometime after the coat was issued. .

This jacket compliments of OLD SOUTH MILITARY ANTIQUES.

dashiell.jpg (37018 bytes)CDV of Sgt. Thomas J. Dashiell of the Old Dominion Guard (Company K of the 9th Va. Inf. Dashiell was captured at Gettysburg and Five Forks. He was released from Point Lookout on June 11, 1865. He resided in Portsmouth and died at the age of 71.









george2.jpg (58348 bytes)

George Schliescher, Company G, 1st Va. Inf.

George served in the 1st Va. Inf. for only one month after the unit was reactivated at the outbreak of the war. He was a machinist and was detailed to the Tredegar Iron Works. There he was a member of the Tredegar Battalion. This battalion was composed of employees of the iron works who could be called upon to fight with the regular forces if required. George is carrying a model 1822 smoothbore musket. This picture courtesy of Jerry Joynes.




Below are shown some photos of uniforms worn by soldiers and sailors from Portsmouth Va.  Photos are courtesy of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum.

Ashton.jpg (160353 bytes)

Shell jacket of Private John Cocke Ashton, Norfolk Light Artillery Blues. Jacket has Virginia buttons, red piping for trim and shows evidence of once being gray. Ashton died in 1918 and is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Portsmouth. The jacket was passed to his daughter and later was donated to the Naval Shipyard Museum. It is the only article of Confederate uniform attributed to the Blues known to exist.

Cary Grimes.jpg (101838 bytes)

Frock coat of Captain Cary Grimes adorned with Union Staff buttons and red piping. Captain Grimes was in command of Grimes Battery, formerly the Portsmouth Light Artillery. Captain Grimes was shot from his horse at Sharpsburg while directing the fire of his guns and passed from this life shortly thereafter.  He was buried at Sharpsburg and after the war brought back to Portsmouth.  He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery near Portsmouth.  

Murdaugh Frock.jpg (88076 bytes)

Frock coat of Lieutenant William Henry Murdaugh, CSN. Buttons are CS Navy. Murdaugh was severely wounded in the attack on Ft. Hatteras in August, 1861. In 1863 he was sent to Europe on special service and was there when the war ended.

UnID-George Washington Grice Frock.jpg (495560 bytes)

Frock coat of Colonel George Washington Grice. Buttons are Confederate Staff. Grice was the purchasing commissary at Augusta Georgia.


Bayonets and Scabbards Confederate Canteens Federal Canteens


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