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Need help picking out buttons or a canteen for your impression or just want to look at some neat stuff? Take a look at a variety of original items to help you make up your mind. 

I would like to thank the folks who have been kind enough to let me show items from their collections which would normally not be available for study. These items have not been previously shown in any books that I am aware of. Please use the links at the bottom of this page to view more original items.

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Below is a very rare CS waist belt set. It consists of a fabric belt with iron roller buckel, Boyle & Gamble side knife with a tin scabbard and typical CS cap box. This is one of Lee Hadaway's items from his collection.


checkbrd.jpg (60777 bytes)

Checkerboard identified to Joseph J. Murphy, Company F, 31st Maine Regiment.

Joseph enlisted in February of 1864, just in time for Grant's Overland Campaign. He wounded himself at the Battle of Cold Harbor while worming a round from his musket. He died from his wounds at the Annapolis Military Hospital on July 30, 1864. The inlayed, folding checker board is shown with several chess pieces carved from minie balls found in the trenches around Petersburg.

Joseph Murphy was 16 years old at the time of his death.

Stencil Kit of S.H. Weeks: Kit contains two brass stencils of "S.H.Weeks" with original paper wrapping, stencil brush made in Boston, wood container and bottle of extra ink, original supplied bottle of ink and the paper tube which contained the stencil brush which is dated 1862. All this is packaged in a tin box. Stencils came in different styles and the most desireable is one which gives the soldiers name and regiment. A stencil was used to mark Joseph Murphy's checker box shown above.

Grantcup.jpg (40270 bytes)

Tin cup which belonged to Jorden W. Grant, Company G, 9th Va. Inf. This cup came from his family and has his initials carved in two places. Grant was a native of Portsmouth, Va. Since the cup shows little signs of campaigning I believe he used the cup while stationed in Portsmouth and left it behind when the Portsmouth Rifles evacuated Portsmouth in October of 1862. Grant was wounded and captured at Gettysburg and died at Point Lookout prison in 1864.

11pacav.jpg (58403 bytes)

John Kelly, Co. F, 11th Pa. Cav and his Sheffield pocket knife.

Silver ID badge of Edward Stindt, Company M of the 24th New York Calvery. Company M was mustered in the first part of January 1864 and fought in most of the major battles south of Petersburg. They were armed with Smith carbines. Edward survived the war mustering out as a Corporal but lost his ID badge in the vicinity of the Weldon Railroad at Petersburg.

matches.jpg (50333 bytes)

Civil War era matches from the effects of Col. Fowler of the 14th NY

Matches as issued to the troops. Note the "US" and "1861" marking.


DIGGING TOOLS:  Take a look at some dug and non-dug shovels and picks.

BAYONETS AND SCABBARDS:  Take a look at some reproduction bayonet scabbards. I also have a couple examples of marked muskets on this page.

CONFEDERATE EQUIPAGE:  Look at some original Confederate uniform buttons, leather gear and kepis.

CONFEDERATE WAIST BELTS:  See examples of original Confederate waist belts.

CONFEDERATE CANTEENS: Pictures of a few Confederate canteens.

CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS: A small but interesting collection of unpublished pictures of Confederate Soldiers from Virginia showing several uniform styles. Some actual identified uniforms are also shown. I am always updating this page as new material becomes available.


UNION EQUIPAGE:  A variety of Federal leathers (including the tricky leather keeper and puppy paw buckle), corps badges and more.

UNION CANTEENS:  Some examples of Federal issued canteens.



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