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MA Literature


Life With Hope: A Return to Living Through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous

This book fully describes the steps and traditions of the program as they relate specifically to marijuana addicts. It is an excellent resource for any marijuana addict seeking recovery through the twelve step program. Now in its 2nd edition, this book is available for $8.00 per copy (including tax).


Each copy of Life With Hope costs $8.00. The Shipping Charges are as follows:
1 book $ 4.00
Each additional book $ 1.00
Orders of 1 to 3 copies will be shipped via priority mail and can be sent to a post office box, but orders of 4 or more copies will be shipped via UPS and must go to a street address. All orders are shipped anonymously (i.e., the words "Marijuana Anonymous" will not appear anywhere on the package).
Make checks payable to "A New Leaf" (U.S. funds only, please) and send, along with your name and address, to:

A New Leaf
P.O. Box 4314
North Hollywood, CA 91617

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