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Aloha, and Welcome to Marijuana Anonymous of Hawai'i

Thank you for visiting M.A. of Hawai'i. We are the first MA meeting to arrive to the islands. Please contact us, if you are starting a MA meeting anywhere in the islands of Hawai'i. "Together we can do, what we can't do alone"...helping one another with addiction to marijuana (or as it is known in Hawaiian, pokalolo)

**Currently monthly meetings are held in Hilo (Big Island). 
See meetings sections for more details.

Email:   Phone info #(808) 965-5535 ext #5


Please note **Since our meetings are non-profit, and we are a self-supporting group, this web site has banner ads, not added by us, since it is a free web site through Angelfire. (no cost to our group)
Once our group gets solvent, we will be able to upgrade to a no-ad site. Sorry.