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Paranormal Studies: Haunted Massachusetts

Welcome to the Paranormal Studies/Haunted Massachusetts Pages, please enjoy all these sites have offer...remember that just because I link to these sites does not mean I believe what they are saying. So keep an open mind and have fun!

Hey Kids! Come out and be part of the official town of Clinton Halloween Party sponsored by the CHS Excel Club at the Strand Theater, 1pm on Sunday, October 31st! Featuring Ghost Stories, contests, candy and spook-tacular movies!

Ghosts, Goblins & other Ghouls that go bump in the night have allegedly been seen in Massachusetts throughout history…is there truth to any of those stories? Learn about mysterious events in your own state that occurred in the last 20 years. Decide for yourself if there is something out there or if it is just your imagination. Learn spooky things like: types of hauntings, how to conduct an investigation and even how to photograph ghosts! Are you prepared to find out what that noise you heard the other night really was?

Did you attend one of my shows? Drop me an email with your thoughts, your own spooky story or a local haunting! (Email using the hotlink down the bottom)

Types of Hauntings

Is the truth out there?

Check out the free pictures here!
This one can get kind of freaky!
Huge selection of information on a ton of paranormal topics
Take an online ESP test
Listing of Haunted Inns here in Massachusetts
Paranormal Studies Jump Site
Fun Halloween Site
The Most Haunted Place in New England?
Castle of Spirits
Seeker: Investagating the Unknown (pictures too)
How to deal with the Paranormal
Ghost Books
New Paranormal Jump Site
The Shadowlands Ghost Site
Famous Hauntings (check out the pictures)
Good Site; explains the different types of Ghosts very well
International Society for Paranormal Research
The SuperNatural Zone (huge directory but rather odd)
A Collection of Stories from the
Another Rather Odd Jump Site

My article from the 10/23 Daily Item
Check out this site; a ton of info and pics!