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Rehoboth Ghost Stories

15 Rehoboth Ghost Stories

1. Rehoboth: Village Cemetery “Old Man”: Old man seen praying or crying at a gravestone and springs up with fluid like motion. Swears at the woman and calls her Catherine. The man can be seen beating his fists on a woman lying on the ground as when witness drove away.

2. Rehoboth: Palmer River Burying Ground
a. Little Boy with Deformed Leg dressed in rags and looking (& moving) entirely unnatural. Little boy begins to walk away…the witnesses are overpowered by sense of fear and uneasiness. b. Irish Voice & Singing: A mother and daughter were out at the cemetery walking around sunset when they noticed a simple black casket at the edge of the cemetery. When they looked again the casket was gone and they heard distinctly Irish singing and voices. c. Giggling: Disembodied giggling of a young boy has been reported in the same area. d. Small Boy Giggling: A man observed a young boy running in circles around a gravestone giggling (which sound strange & echo like). Doug has added that the same story has been reported where the boy circles his stone singing happy birthday. e. “Carriage, they never sent, poor, poor.” Three friends doing grave rubbings in the cemetery heard this phrase. They witnessed two older men and one little boy standing stiffly next to three gravestones in a row…the three seemed to slowly disappear.

3. Rehoboth: Perryville Pond: Old Man with Bleeding Foot (six reports!): A man dressed from the previous century explains that he was bit by a snapping turtle…when people have attempted to further inquire about his condition they find he as disappeared.

4. Rehoboth: Native American Girl on the Horse Trail: A couple horseback riding along a trial at the Palmer River Riding Club see a young female Native American girl run across the path. The couple says she seemed more to float rather than run. The girl had totally disappeared when the couple attempted to catch up to her. At least 6 other riders have reported seeing this young woman. Note: There is a very small ancient Native American campsite (about 600-900 years old) buried in the area of the sightings. (Only a few local researchers know this campsite.

5. Rehoboth: Destruction & Reformation of 150 Year Old Stone Wall: An old stone wall was torn apart by the new owner of the house…only 4 days later about 35 feet of it had been reconstructed! (A task that should have taken months!) Sometimes large rocks would be hurled off the side of house during the night as though thrown by an invisible force.

6. Rehoboth: The Rehoboth Poltergeist: Mrs. Armfield reports on many strange events occurring in her house such as; shattering dishes, her dog barking at an empty rocking chair, the feeling of a dark presence in the house and horrible noises caused by nothing.

7. Rehoboth: Phantom of Rt. 44: In each incident the witnesses claim the man had red hair and was wearing a red plaid shirt.

a. A man reported seeing a man’s face pressed up against the windshield…impossible at 50 mph. The even caused the man to go off the road. Once stopped the man seemed to be gone.

b. A traveler saw a hitchhiker walking down the road and stopped to give him a lift. The driver saw the man hurry up to the truck and get in. The hitchhiker did not speak, just smiled, even when asked where he was headed. The driver became very uncomfortable with all this and stopped again and told the guy to get out. The hitchhiker dematerialized right before the driver’s eyes.

c. A woman was driving home at night on Rt. 44 when suddenly she saw a man standing in the middle of the road. She had no time to swerve and hit him…except there was no hit, she seemed to pass right through him, no thud and no damage to her car. She stopped to check for any trace of a man when suddenly very strange laughter began, seemingly from the woods. She quickly got back on the road, locked her doors and kept driving. After several minutes she saw a man standing in the road again. She once again had no time to react and drove right through him (no thud etc.). This time the laughing seemed much closer, like several feet from the car…she quickly drove off.

d. A couple’s car broke down along Rt. 44; the man went to call AAA and the woman stayed with the car. The man walked up the road a fairly good distance when he saw a red headed guy in a red plaid shirt sitting on the roadside. Harry asked the man about a phone several times and got no response. Finally Harry asked the man if he was okay. The red headed man stopped grinning and looked at Harry, his face became very strange. At this point Harry realized that the man eyes were very odd. Harry began to walk away, as he walked he heard strange laughing. The laughing seemed to be right around him, shifting from in front to behind to the side and back again. He finally reached the car.

i. When he reached the car he found his wife very upset. She said that while listening to the radio strange voice came on in the middle of a song. The voice addressed her by name and began to taunt her and laughing very strangely.

8. Rehoboth: Indian Ritual Site/Burial Ground?: There is a dolmen, a large rock balanced upon several smaller ones, which is believed to have been important in Indian burials or rituals. Two families have reported their dogs become very restless in this particular area and calm down when brought away from the dolmen. People have also reported the same feeling of panic and fright when in this area and the same relief upon passing the site. The woman’s dogs became very upset as she was walking them in the woods. The woman looked up and saw a shadow type character sweep across the path with a swishing sound. There are over 10 witnesses to these events.

9. Rehoboth: Ghost in the Guest Room: Steve and Liz purchased this home in 1977. They began to remodel the entire house and create a guest room. Several times they went to work on the guest room and found it locked, being an old house it had to be locked by key. One day their heard a shattering sound only to find that the bureau in the guest room was lying in pieces on the floor. Liz states that ever time she entered the guest room she had a “strange feeling”. Steve’s mother came to stay with them and was put in the guest room. Steve woke up and discovered his mother sleeping on the couch downstairs. She stated that she was awoken (in the guest room) by a feeling that she was being pulled out of bed by her left leg. The mother was overcome by a feeling of terror and immediately fled the room. Steve used the guest room several days later trying to prove a point and woke up downstairs (sleep walking?). When Steve returned to the guest room he discovered the door was locked. History has revealed that an elderly female invalid who was very bitter about her condition spent her last several years in that very room. Also, since Steve and Liz sold the home it has changed hands several more times, the current owners said “strange things” have happened there but declined a formal interview.

10. Rehoboth: Anawan Rock: Here Anawan, war captain of the Wampanoags during King Phillips war surrendered his forces to colonial Captain Benjamin Church. Although fair treatment was promised, Anawan and his men were marched to Plymouth and executed. Many locals believe that Anawan and his men have returned to this rock searching for Church, the colonial captain who tricked them. Many people have reported seeing campfires, smoke and even the odor of the two, neither of which existed. Many people have also reported hearing chanting. One man states hearing “Iootash, Iootash” yelled at him loudly and aggressively for what seemed like several feet in front of him…this phrase means “Stand and Fight” in old Algonquin.

11. Rehoboth: Whitman Farm: When a new couple moved in to this old farm and began to make changes they found a small grave outside of the back of the house at the start of the woods: it read Sarah H. Born Sept 1, 1854—Died March 16, 1873. The man was a history buff and did the research on the house and discovered that a young woman had hung herself in the barn (which eliminated her from being buried in the church cemetery) and was buried behind the barn. The wife went through many strange experiences, even waking up in the middle night…only to be out by the gravestone. The wife even said she felt responsible for the girl’s suicide…that had occurred over 100 years ago! Finally, after this had happened too much the woman was sent to the hospital for a complete evaluation. The husband stayed at the farmhouse alone that night. He saw the barn door open several times and went out and closed it several. When he noticed the barn door open again he grabbed his gun and flashlight and went out for a closer look. When he entered the barn he saw a figure of a women floating up in the rafters. The figure was wringing her hands and staring down at the man. He went back to the house after seeing that the figure was gone. He calmed down and went back to bed…only to see this figure outside his second story window! Alex would see this figure several more times that night until finally he saw it walk in a circle and disappear. The mother of the girl who committed suicide seemed to be possessing Carol was the conclusion the couple came to. They hired a parapsychologist, who has never commented on the haunting and there have been no further incidents.

12. Rehoboth: Shad Factory Pond: Ted & Anita were new to Rehoboth and the lived in a house by the edge of some woods and old roads that were great for walking. One day they went for a walk and were standing across the pond from an old factory that burned down in 1884, possibly by arson, and saw an old man standing in the middle of the ruins. Ted called out and waved, the man did nothing except stare at the couple. They thought that the old man needed help so they began to make there way to the ruins. When they got there the old man was gone. This happened again as well. The couple saw the old man numerous times just like this. One time Anita went by herself and saw the old man. The man continued to stare and then just dematerialized before her eyes…then she turned around only to the same old man only several feet behind her. This would happen a second time and Anita would attempt to speak to the man. The man seemed very sad and stared at Anita for 2 or 3 minutes and then just began to walk away with almost a floating, fluid type motion. They still see the old man many times when they go out walking. Ted and Anita are two of many Rehoboth who have witnessed the old man of Shad Factory Pond.

13. Rehoboth: Old Horbrine Schoolhouse: While out for a walk a local teacher came to the Old Horbrine schoolhouse in Rehoboth. Located out in the woods, it was the one of the early educational institutions of the community. Curious about the educational history of her community she went closer and looked in the window. To her surprise she saw a women, dressed in Victorian style clothing, staring back at her. The local teacher assumed this was part of an old time recreation project and went to the front door to find out more about the activity. She knocked and there was no answer so she looked in the window and saw nothing at all. She went around to the back door and in the window was the face of the women from before giving her the angry teacher look as if to say “get lost”. Although no other Rehoboth residents have reported this ghost locals have claimed to hear the sound of a hand bell coming from the school in the past.

14. Rehoboth: Mood Swing: A couple purchased a home in Rehoboth and began to experience some very strange events. The man, a smoker, would place a cigarette in his mouth and before he could reach the lighter it would be lit. He and his wife would go down stairs for breakfast sometimes and return to the bedroom only to find the bed neatly made. In one instance the couple finished playing chess and left room the room only to come back and find the pieces neatly put back in the drawers on the sides of the board. The mood soon changed when they began to renovate the house. They would hear crashes in the night. The phone would ring and no one would be there, finally the owner pulled the phone out of the wall…and it still rang! The wife had just made a try of brownies only to return to the kitchen to find them smeared all over the walls. The couple decided to sell the house and move. The present owners have reported many incidents including hearing faint human whispers in vacant rooms.

15. Rehoboth: The Ice Ghost: The residents of this house reported a very strange event on the lake nearby. Apparently the women while iceskating (depressed about their recent move) saw the face of a child staring up from underneath the ice. The women became frantic and felt deep sadness. The faced moved its eyes and seemed to be trying to explain something to her. She came to the conclusion that she must have been sick that day. Several years later her husband was depressed over the death of his sister and went for a walk…only to see this child’s face through the ice on the pond. A brother also reported seeing this face while visiting the couple (also depressed over the recent death of his wife). Historical analysis did not show anything out of the ordinary.

Unless Otherwise Noted All Stories Are Credited to Charles T. Robinson (in my opinion the best of all the haunted New England authors!!)

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