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"Never get angry at the stupid people,
Though I go crazy at the dullness of my life.
Sit and I stare into a dusty window
An empty face stares back at me and cries.
My vulnerability rushes up to me
Till I'm left here, the rebel without a cause.
The deeper I delve into
The consciousness of me and you
The harder it gets, I need to close my eyes.
What hurts me most,
I'll never see your eyes again."

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Hi there! :) I have a new webpage, for all who are interested... I'm now located here. I didn't have the heart to take down this page, though, so I left it here, for old time's sake. But, if any of you are wondering where I went, I'm here. Please visit! :)

~ Denise

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The Inner Reaches of Emotion

webring is owned by Denise.

The Inner Reaches of Emotion

site is owned by Denise.

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