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Scripturient Productions

Scripturient: "having a strong desire or compulsion to write or to be an author"

Hello, this is Elizabeth coming back from an approximately year-long zine hiatus. I have decided that i am just not up for running a distro, so First Time Around is not gonna happen. I am, however, working on a new literary compilation zine replacing Scripturient Youth called cacoethes scribendi ("the compulsion to write "). This one will be for all ages. I welcome contributions of poetry, fiction, essays, black and white art, and anything else.

I am also working on various solo zine projects and accepting submissions for various compilation zines.

I am in the process of revamping the website, so there aren't many links up right now, but check back later and there should be more information. p>

Quotes About Writing
from past issues of Scripturient Youth

Reviews of Scripturient Publications

All My Literary Projects

Beantown Zinetown 4

The Case For Same-Sex Marriage
(an essay for school that i thought i'd share)

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