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Beantown Zinetown 4

(pictures forthcoming once i get them developed and scanned)

Beantown Zinetown was great. It started at noon, but people with reserved space were supposed to get there early to set up. Unfortunately, Rich Mackin (the guy in charge) was misinformed and it turned out we wouldn't be let in the building until noon. Thankfully, the way the trains ran i only got there around quarter of twelve but i hear there were people who got there as early as 11. There was also too little space and too few tables, so it was chaos for the first half an hour or so, but things settled. I was supposed to share a table with Anthony of Johnny Reb zine, but we didn't find each other so i ended up sharing a table with a couple 14-year-old girls. I didn't really talk to them (i didn't really talk to anyone actually--i'm bad like that) but i made friends with the women at the table next to me. They were very cool and after i read their zines i liked them even better (Marla Tiara especially).

I found Anthony later, sitting in a cozy corner spot on the stairs that connected two of the rooms. I offered him space at my table, but he was comfortable where he was. Mariah (Your Mama's Not Home) of the table next to me totally agreed with me that Anthony is utterly adorable; she even named her sock monkey (one of the girls at my table was selling sock monkeys, and Marla and Mariah each bought one) after him. I didn't get to take any pictures of Anthony in his cozy corner, but i got a couple of him sitting in a chair reading a zine after he had sold out of his zines. Rachelle (Odd Astra) remembered me from last year's Beantown Zinetown, as did some other people, and that was really cool, especially because i tend not to think of myself as a very memorable person.

I got to meet Kimra (of Noodle zine) who is one of my favorite zinester girls, and that was cool. She was one of the people i wanted to take a picture of, even before i knew who she was. I also saw Steph of Cedric zine. She asked if i went to MassArt and i said i was there for Beantown Zinetown last year but that's the only thing i've been there for. She said maybe that was where she remembered me from. Then i found out that she's from Walpole (a town right next door to my town) and used to work at Perks (the coffeeshop dowtown). I realized i remembered her from the one time my family and i had dinner there and she was our waitress. I was struck by how pretty she was and still am. On a sidenote, she goes to Simmons which is where my mom went to college.

I got a t-shirt that says "smart is sexy" --dana scully for only $4 from wendy (subject to change); yay for her! :) Later, a guy came by trading old CDs from his collection for zines. I figured i'd just pick something and hope it turned out to be good, but he had an Amy Grant CD. He was surprised i liked her, and i was surprised that he liked her. I believe he was the same guy who complimented me repeatedly on the homemade chocolate chip cookies i was giving away. He told me numerous times that he really liked them. It's little things like that that really make the day. One time he grabbed a whole handful and did one of those theatrical leaps like in movies when people leap out of exploding buildings. I believe he said his name was Harron. (Anyone know for sure?)

Okay, that's all i can think of for now.

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