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Jewels Of The Orient

Jewel's Midi Collection

Hi! Welcome to my Midi collection. I've compiled midi files (with lyrics),
most are sentimental, classics, pop and movie themes. I've also included
some of my brother's (Jhunn Mejia) midi files, Disney themes and
Original Pilipino Music (OPM) compositions. I hope you'll like them. Enjoy!!!

Jewel's Disney Collection Movie Themes

Original Pilipino Music Easy Listening, Pop, R&B

If the music does not play, you may need to install a plug-in like Crescendo


Click the links to visit my favorite websites,
where I sourced most of my midi files and lyrics


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The compilation of midi files posted here are from other
websites and I take no credit for their creation. To the best
of my knowledge this collection of midi files are public
domain and free of copyright restrictions. If there is a file
which is copyrighted and you do not want to grant permission
for the personal use of it, please email me.


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