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Jewel's Disney Collection


There’s always a child in us...
playful and imaginative...
waiting to be discovered --
a childlike feeling of bliss.

Who does not love the immortal Disney Classics...
the familiar husky voice of Mickey Mouse,
the quacky Donald Duck,
the gawky Goofy and, of course,
the princesses in the fantasy world.
Ariel I, myself, am very fond of "Cinderella",
"Ariel" of Little Mermaid and
"Belle" of Beauty & The Beast .


Disney movies have always been a source
of inspiration, and so I'm dedicating this
page to my two "Special Angels", Adgie & Leira ,
and for the children of all ages.

May you be enchanted, inspired and delighted
as you enter the wonderful world of Disney themes.


A Whole New World
One Jump Ahead
Prince Ali

Beauty And The Beast
Beauty And The Beast
Be Our Guest
Something There

A Dream Is A Wish
So This Is Love
The Work Song

Disney Themes
It's A Small World
The Tiki Tiki Room

Lion King
Be Prepared
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Circle Of Life
Hakuna Matata
I Just Can't Wait To Be King

Little Mermaid
Fathoms Below
Kiss The Girl
Part Of Your World
Poor Unfortunate Souls
Under The Sea


When You Wish Upon A Star

Colors Of The Wind
Mine Mine Mine

Someone's Waiting For You

Snow White
One Song
Someday My Prince Will Come
With A Smile And A Song

Toy Story
You've Got A Friend In Me

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* Disclaimer *

The compilation of midi files posted here are from other
websites and I take no credit for their creation. To the best
of my knowledge this collection of midi files are public domain
and free of copyright restrictions. If there is a file which is
copyrighted and you do not want to grant permission for the
personal use of it, please email me.

This site is not affiliated with or maintained by the Walt Disney
Company. All Disney characters and images that may be represented
in this site are copyright of Walt Disney Company and are used
without permission for no commercial purposes. Any ideas expressed
here are solely mine. This is a personal page and it is not my intention
to gain profit from this page or to infringe upon its copyright.

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