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In order to excel in soccer, you cannot trust your coach or the books you happen to read or the people you happen to talk to as being a sufficient source of information. What works for the great players may not work for you because you are different from the great players as a result of your environment your free will and your genetics. Those who have developed winning secrets more than likely will not be willing to share them with you. In order to excel, you need to understand it is important to be clever when you practice and clever when you compete. There are clever ways of practicing and playing and there are simple minded ways of practicing and playing. Do not understimate the importance of the mental factor. I present to you here ways of practicing and playing that were never tought to me by fellow players or books or coaches.


When you practice dribbling the soccer ball or football on the ground, establish footwork-based patterns and adhere to them.

Pattern 1: As you jog forward with the ball, touch the ball with the left foot every time the left foot hits the ground and also touch the ball with the right foot every time the right foot hits the ground.

Pattern 2: As you jog forward with the ball, touch the ball with the left foot every time the left foot hits the ground but never touch the ball with your right foot.

Pattern 3: As you jog forward with the ball, touch the ball with the right foot every time the right foot hits the ground but never touch the ball with your left foot.

Pattern 4: As you jog forward with the ball, touch the ball with the left foot, then step forward without touching the ball with the right foot and the left foot, then touch the ball with your right foot and step forward without touching the ball with your left and right feet, and so on and so forth so that you are alternatively touching the ball with the left and the right feet.

Pattern 5: As you jog forward with the ball, touch the ball with the left foot every other time the left foot hits the ground but never touch the ball with your right foot.

Pattern 6: As you jog forward with the ball, touch the ball with the right foot every other time the right foot hits the ground but never touch the ball with your left foot.

Pattern 7: As you jog forward with the ball, touch the ball with the left foot, then step forward without touching the ball with the right foot and the left foot, and the right foot and the left again for a total of four steps; then touch the ball with your right foot and step forward without touching the ball with your left and right and again left and right feet for a total of four steps, and so on and so forth so that you are alternatively touching the ball with the left and the right feet.

When we were teenagers we used to admire the natural graceful easy effortless control over the ball shown by players who were from countries where children from an early age often played soccer. Practicing the above patterns will help you to develop such effortless natural ease of dribbling with the soccer ball (football).


When you dribble the soccer ball in competition, if you are left footed, attack a defender by using your left foot dribbling the ball at the defender's right foot, or using your right foot dribbling the ball at your defender's left foot. If you are naturally left-footed use your left foot and if you are naturally right-footed use your right foot. When you have positioned the ball pointing to for example the defender's right foot using your left foot, you then have 3 options. You can sweep by the defender by pushing the ball to your right (his left) while you also move your body past the defender by moving your body to your right (his left); you can put the ball through the defender's legs while moving past the defender by moving your body to your right (the defender's left); and you can push the ball past the defender's right side, while moving your body past the defender's left side, and then hook up with the ball again after both you and the ball have gotten past the defender. The 3 options you would have would be the same if you were attacking the defender by point the ball at his left foot with your right foot, but with the directions reversed.

Your best bet often is to square off aggressively against the defender using the method described above, as opposed to veering away from the defender; even if squaring off against the defender involves veering away from a straight line pointed at the defender's goal, squaring off against the defender can be advantageous.

Try not let your team-mates deride you as a ball-hog or someone involved in excessively dangerous maneuvers simply because such maneuvers fail. It could well be that your team would do better if you attempted such maneuvers several times a game than it would if you did not, because your team's passing the ball around results in an even lower success rate. Players often pass when they should attempt to dribble by an opponent, because they are afraid of displeasing the coach and their team-mates.

My idea is to if possible use the--for lack of a better word--telekinetic action of the minds of people such as yourself (this is rational continue reading for just a minute and you will understand I will explain), to help improve spirits of people everywhere (except the ones who should not be uplifted), especially some group you might wish to specially focus on.

This is rational I'll explain to you an original insight I figured out. Just as you could not hear the drumbeats produced by the mind of the drummer if God blocked the sound waves, so also another type of action of God, interference as opposed to non-interference, allows the benevolent thoughts in the mind of a praying person to have effect on others. Another way of looking at it is, if I had my finger on the remote control trigger of a nuclear bomb that would destroy the devil, My brain activity that led to me pushing the button would not be able to detonate the bomb if God intervened to prevent the signals sent from the remote control device from reaching the bomb; the signals would be able to travel to the bomb only if God allowed them to (this does not mean God approves of everything he allows to happen). So if you do something such as read the two poetic prayers I wrote you can find  below,(keeping in mind a couple of unwritten lines of special focus on some group of your own choosing), you might actually be able to accomplish something. One poetic prayer is entitled "Overcoming Sins that Prevent Us from Catching the Divine Game" and the other is entitled "the Sport of Virtue". In these poems Christ is referred to as "Yayzoos" the name by which he was originally referred to in scripture and by the early church. I tend to believe that people have been underestimating what a serious matter it is to change the name of Christ the way the church has changed the name of Christ into "Jesus".

Many people these days are wont to argue with "religious" persons who are similar to myself. The best way I know to deal with this kind of discord is to point out that the Old and New Testament scriptures have three times officially declared that most of God's thoughts words and actions are not recorded in the scriptures. Perhaps the world would be a better place now if in the past the religious had been more aware of and expressive regarding the fact that scripture does make such declarations.

Another new original insight discovered by myself into theological basics that has somehow escaped the minds of humanity throughout the ages: The excuse, "but it was not against my conscience", is invalid if the conscience has been polluted by various pollutants such as greed, selfishness, arrogance, willfull ignorance, and intellectual laziness. Supposing in the presence of anger or some other mental sin, a person's conscience dictates action A; but in the absence of anger or the given mental sin it dictates action B. If, affected by anger or some other defect in attitude the person follows his conscience and does action A, how could this be better than if, in the absence of anger or some other defect in attitude, he were to commit action A even though his conscience dictated action B? That would imply that the presence of anger or some other defect in attitude improved the person over what he would have been in the absence of the defect.

St. Paul never said that the christian was freed from the burden of obeying his conscience, though he did admit that due to the physical pressures of his body he St. Paul in certain ways violated his own conscience without being separated from God or damned as punishment for such certain types of violations of conscience.

In general regarding religion, I feel that there has unfortunately been amongst almost all protestant denominations, a misinterpration of St. Paul's words regarding works and predestination. This misinterpretation was spoken of by St. Peter, when he said that there are certain things in Paul's letters that are hard to understand, that the "unlearned and unstable" misinterpret with the end result that they destroy themselves. The fact is that Paul did not mean that for all persons it does not matter what they do so long as they have faith; and the fact is that Paul did not mean that for all persons it is predestined from the time of their birth whether they go to heaven or hell. You can find my explanation of what Paul actually meant when he was talking about faith and works in my newsgroup post. And if you scroll down to look at the scriptural quotation taken from a letter of Paul's that appears on all of my resumes, you can find further proof that yes what a person does can matter it is not just faith. Another newsgroup post of mine explains what Paul really meant when he talked about predestination.

Generally you can find links to alot of writings of mine that I have posted to newsgroups regarding issues such as religion and government at the following Google Groups Search link. I also have a website.

Howsoever laudable metaphysical explanations such as made above may be, the reality is that our spirits and the spirits of others are drawn closer to God not just through prayer, but also through our behaviour, our social humility,our good deeds, our generosity. In this regard it is worth noting that my resume has the following quote in the upper right hand corner:

Command those who are rich in this present world not to be haughty neither to put their hope in the uncertainty of wealth but in God, who so richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Urge them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous givers, to practice sharing, and to treasure up for themselves a sound foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that is really life.
--1 Timothy 6:17-19

David Virgil Hobbs

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Overcoming Sins that Prevent Us from Catching the Divine Game Poetic Prayer
by  David Virgil Hobbs

God grant unto us and to all everywhere
except those we should'nt ask such for in prayer
that there be less sin is the prayer we now declare
For we are like hunters tracking magical game
whose meat gives us the holy spirit saints acclaim
Spirit of God help us reduce within us that sinfulness
through which we fail to catch this game that gives the spirit to us
And help reduce sins we commit that weaken the ability
of others to capture this game that feeds us spiritually
God lend thy assistance and hear this our prayer
let there be less truce breaking and theft everywhere
less swindling extortion and murder causing despair
God grant that evil thoughts and unholiness are reduced
in us and also in all places both here and abroad
God help us so less folly and drunkenness are turned loose
and help lessen misplaced lusts not of the will of the Lord
Let there be less of envies jealousies greed and selfishness
less of a kind of gainsaying unthinking rash stubbornness
less of rejoicing in iniquity and impatience
less of irritability and less of covetousness
Father God let there be less malice heartlessness and arrogance
less hatred overall and less hatred of God and good persons
less excess love of self money and pleasure our lives to worsen
Lord let there be less absence of faith hope and endurance
less absence of natural affection, the absence odd
less of ungratefulness and less of lack of thanks to God
less of the absence of love and less absence of conscience
God grant unto us and to all people everywhere
that there be a reduction in sins is now our prayer
Let there be less excess of gossip and insolence
less approval of sin idle talk and boastfulness
and less blasphemy and slander and less false witness
Let there be less lack of self control and unseemly behaviour
and less insufficient obedience to mothers and fathers
Let there be less deceit treachery and lack of forgiveness
and less of invention of ways of committing wickedness
Let there be less implacability and rashness
less of the excess of strife and less of ruthlesness
less of excess debate and less unmercifulness
less of brutality fierceness and abusiveness
Sins we commit that weaken us and make us less able
to catch the game that is spirit-giving and magical
and sins others commit that weaken our ability
to hunt down this magical game are like monstrosities
we are like soldiers at war with these monstrosities
who contest these lands where we hunt in prayerful rhyme
for that Spirit yielding game that can be so hard to find
God help us war against these monsters of iniquity
All I ask thee father God in this prayer to you,
I ask in the name of Jesus whose name is Yayzoos

Sport of Virtue Poetic Prayer
by  David Virgil Hobbs

That God would grant unto all people everywhere
excepting those too evil to be so blessed
that there be an increase in virtue is today's prayer
Hear us Lord Father heed these our prayer requests
For these virtues are like skills of athletic conquest
that make us more proficient in the spiritual contest
more able to be by your Spirit more posessed
more able to defeat enemy forces unblessed
Which are the forces that reduce the number of minutes
in our lives that we spend intoxicated by God's Spirit
the forces that lower the level of intoxication
we are able to achieve even in our exaltation
But all the while help us to charitably understand
that though kind deeds can help someone feel blessed
such acts of kindness done according to your commands
may not have made that someone into a better man
but rather may have helped him to feel sorrow less
help us all, God to be more content with the basics of life
more steadfast and unmoveable in heavenly strife
more able to acquit ourselves like men and be strong
not terrified, shaken or troubled when things go wrong
Give us more endurance of hardness as good soldiers of the Lord
help us to be less disrupted in our spiritual lives
by worldly sorrows and joys by good or bad wives
less hurt by persecution distress and famine and sword
And let not our concern for those we are married to
divert us from good paths right for us set by you
Help us God to be more spiritually minded and fit,
to follow more closely the leadership of your Spirit
Let there be less quenching of Spirit amongst wits
God make us more holy, more filled with the spirit
more filled with the godly grace your power transmits
Let there be amongst us and everywhere here and abroad
more praise fear and service to the God we should adore
more rejoicing in God more thankfulness to the Lord
Help us and all in climates both warm and colder
to become more careful circumspect and sober
Help us abstain from all appearance of evil
make our bodies more holy more conformed to thy will
more worthy of being with your Spirit instilled
Help us God to become more hardworking and diligent
and to lessen our part in noisiness and entanglements
that contradict God's will and the teachings of the prophets
Help us to be less improperly judgemental of sins
and to become more approving of all excellent things
Help us to increase in kindness, blessing and forgiveness
with regards to enemies and persecutors among us
Give us more kindness longsuffering and forbearance
more gentleness, tenderheartedness and patience
Help us to be more peaceful empathetic and sympathetic
and grant that within us there may exist non-synthetic
more love of other persons and of all humans
more brotherly love and more love of good persons
more love between wives of the world and their husbands
Let there be more prayer offered for all persons
and more adherence to the dictates of conscience
more good manners and good behaviour in everyone
Help us to increase amongst us and all persons
virtues of blamelesness, worthiness, and harmlesness
and cheerful mercifulness and hospitality,
and help decrease conduct that harms others spiritually
Grant us God that people be more properly subject to
the government powers truly ordained by you
and that diligence and goodness of governments improve
Let there be more quantity and quality found in all nations
in terms of wise and knowledgeable exhortation
More good ministering and teaching and education
more prophesying of God's truths for edification
more helpful healing and godly comforting of persons
more distribution of necessities to all,
especially to good persons who've answered your call
more relief of the afflicted, as said Saint Paul
more of goodness, and of righteousness and good works
more of the doing of the will of the Lord on earth
Let there be everywhere more heavenly signs
more miracles wonders and mighty deeds divine
more admonishment and abhorrence of evil
more reproval of dark works done against God's will
more anger against the enemy the devil
God our father insofar as your will permits help us
so children show more godly obedience and honor to parents
God grant that parents not be abusive to their children
that a better job of running the families be done
and that parents improve as providers for their little ones
Grant among us and everywhere, O God of good deeds
that we may all increase in the virtues described
so that we may become better spiritual athletes,
and achieve greater success in obtaining the prize,
Your great Holy Spirit that we want in our lives
I ask all this of thee God in the name of Yayzoos your son
now known amongst mankind as Jesus Christ of the christians

@2004 David Virgil Hobbs