Lost Silver Poetic Prayer
by David Virgil Hobbs

David V Hobbs

Now I pray in remembrance of ancient scriptural parables
which show that through repentance human beings are repairable
parables which show that I as adhering to God's lessons
when I suddenly felt close to God and given a fresh start
when I was feeling the feeling of repentance in my heart
and thirsting for the spirit and believing Jesus is God's Son
Remembering how when Yayzoos walked the earth then drew near
tax collectors and sinners hoping his teachings would reach their ears
When the Chief priests and scribes saw them join Yayzoos for dinner
they murmured, saying, this man receiveth and eateth with sinners
Then Yayzoos told a tale in reply to their angry spirits
Saying, if a woman has ten silver pieces and loses one
she lights a candle and the searching of the house is begun
and she seeks diligently for the lost piece until she finds it
And when she hath found it she calls her friends to gather around
and says, rejoice with me, for the piece which I had lost I have found
Likewise I say unto you, God's angels are glad
when one lost sinner repents of things that are bad
So help us God so time spent hearing these words we have heard
becomes time that helps us to repent in accordance with God's Word
Help me God so these memories of the words of God's Son
help me to draw closeer to God and His angels in heaven
And in general aside from the silver pieces
help me to draw closer to the spirit of God's som Jesus
Forgive me for my sins and heal me of injuries inside
that I have caused to myself through my sins and my pride
so my desire to draw closer to God will not be denied
And excepting those for whom it's not the will of the divinity
that we should ask such things for them from the God of infinity
all things that I ask for myself through these words of the prophet
I ask these things of thee God in the name of thy Son Yayzoos Christ
Yayzoos who by the name Jesus now draws people to the light