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The immigrants from Ireland were forced to live two, three, and four families into a single "flat" (more commonly called an apartment today). There used to be a "joke" back then (more true than a joke).

Q. How do you take an Irish census??
A. Count the basement windows and multiply by 10.

We found during this period, a proud people hurriedly forced to achieve power of sorts in order to make changes, that would eventually benefit all nationalities migrating to America.

Many, in order to have money to feed their families, and unable to find work, resorted to "criminal" activity.

Others made a move on the political establishment in the major cities of America, like Boston, New York, Chicago, etc.

The term "Blackjack Politics" evolved from this era, due to the way the activity outside the polling places was conducted.

If you were not there to vote for a particular candidate, someone would probably "crown" you with a blackjack, and whisk you away where you "might" wake up in an alley somewhere.

Sounds ruthless, doesn't it??

My feeling is, that if it weren't for these men taking charge and gaining control of the Wards, and the City governments, we would all still be living as the likes of the Rockefeller's, and the Carnegie's saw fit for us to live, working in jobs that they deemed was appropriate for our "station".

If it weren't for the Lomasney's, Kennedy's, Curley's, Fitzgerald's, Walker's, and Dailey's that came to this country, and to the people behind the scenes supporting them, we would never have achieved the "true freedoms" we enjoy today.

Celebrating St. Patrick's day, carries a greater meaning than parade's, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and Green Beer.

My grandmother, upon coming to this country, was able to be placed in a position as a housekeeper and nanny for "Honey-Fitz" (Rose Kennedy's father and J.F.K.'s grandfather).

Many of the links below mention "Cashel". I think you will find these very interesting, as "Cashel" is very significant to Ireland's history, back to the time of the Druids, and was and is still considered as the "Seat of the Kings". It is also very significant to the life of St. Patrick, himself.

My own heritage goes back to the Druids and to King Aongus.

I am proud of what my ancestors have accomplished to make my life a little more exciting to talk about and to be able to live a little easier today.

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