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Concert tour
Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta 







We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, propagation and archiving of north Indian classical music. Based in San Francisco, California, we have offices in Amherst, Massachusetts and Calcutta, India. Sarodya Society was formed in November 1998 as a vehicle to preserve the art music of north India as represented by eminent stalwarts late Radhika Mohan Maitra and late Jnan Prakash Ghosh. 

Our primary purpose is to present recitals of some of the highest quality Hindustani (north Indian) art music and to record and archive these, as well as to assist dozens of brilliant artists who languish in unthinkable conditions. We propose to do so be organizing benefit concerts, revenue from record sales, and by helping them find students.

Teaching is a very important part of preserving any art, and therefore we are imparting training in traditional music of north India through some of its greatest masters, Buddhadev Das Gupta who is one of the greatest living masters of the sarod, and Debasish Sarkar, an unparalleled tabla virtuoso of Calcutta, at the highest professional level. We also have a regular set of instructors who carry on this task on a daily basis with great efficiency.

The most commonly taught instruments are the sarod, sitar, sursingar, mohan-veena, surbahar and tabla as well as north Indian vocal music.

We have in our collection over 1,000 hours of Hindustani music recordings by some of the greatest masters of all time ranging from Abdullah Khan (b. 1848) to Prattyush Banerjee (b. 1969).

At this point, we are seeking donations and funds in order to be able to sustain our work in this area, and to be able to establish ourselves as an institution of musical learning and experience. All donations to Sarodya Society are tax-exempt.


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