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Oriental Musicraft is a musical instrument manufacturing company based in Calcutta, India. They specialize in the manufacture and repair of Sarod, Sitar, Surbahar, and Tanpura. Other instruments are made and sold as well. Sri Dulal Chandra Kanji, the proprietor of this business, is an expert in sarod making and his art is endorsed by Pandit Buddhadev Das Gupta, who always plays on a Musikraft sarod. Other masters such as Sharan Rani Mathur, Naren Dhar and Tejendra Narayan Majumdar have also used and appreciated the services of Oriental Musikraft.

Sarodes are made primarily out of two kinds of wood - Teak, and another variety known as "toon". Traditionally, most sarod players of the rababiya lineages have always preferred teak. This is testified by the fact that Ustad Allauddin Khan always used a toon-wood sarod while Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan and Pandit Radhika Mohan Maitra always used teak sarods. Even today, while Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and his students play on toon sarods, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Pt. Buddhadev Das Gupta and their students always prefer teak sarods.

In today's market, good quality Burma or Assam teak is almost extinct, and when it is available, it is very expensive. Our prices, however, are very competitive compared to "Brand Names" such as Hemen, Rikhi Ram and/or Radha Krishna Sarma. On an average, wood for a sarod has to be seasoned for almost twenty years and sarod making is a very slow, skilled and labor-intensive process. Sometimes, it may take us up to ten months to craft a sarod suited to your  own needs, but we  promise good sound and lifetime satisfaction.

Toon Wood Sarode - two piece (joint at the neck). Rupees   8,000 (US $200.00)
Toon Wood Sarode - one piece (carved out of one log). Rupees 10,000 (US $250.00)
Teak Sarode - one piece. Rupees 20,000 (US $500.00)
Fiber Glass Sitar/Sarod Travel Case. Rupees   5,000 (US $130.00)
Wood/Composite Sarod/Sitar Travel Case. Rupees   4,000 (US $100.00)
Sitars (Teak). Rupees 12,000 (US $300.00)
Sitars (Toon). Rupees   8,000 (US $100.00)
Surbahar (bass sitar). Rupees 12,000 (US $300.00)
Tanpura - Full Size 4-6 strings. Rupees   5,000 (US $130.00)
Tanpura - Travelling (without decotation - teak). Rupees   2,000 (US $  50.00)
Tanpura - Travelling (with decoration - teak). Rupees   3,000 (US $  80.00)

To place orders, please write to:

Oriental Musikraft,
Village Kamalpur
Police Station Falta
PO Chhaberia
24 Parganas, WB 743221


P 448 CIT Scheme 47
Calcutta, WB 700029 India.
e-mail: (PT. Buddhadev Dasgupta, our chief patron).

We appreciate and give priority to customers who pay 30% of total costs in advance as it is easier for us, then, to procure materials and supplies.