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In the treatment section comes the Uzhichal or massaging. Kalari uzhichal or thirummal is very famous. It is done according to Ayurvedic rules. Herbal oil  is applied on the body and  then massaged softly with hands and feet as per rules. Uzhichal is a respectable art which can be mastered only with practical experience and with the instruction of Guru. 


Complete growth with health for 
    - children who are not having physical growth 
       according   to age 
    - those who are obese. 
    - those who have any other physical ailments. 

   Regularise blood circulation and respiration. 
   Reduce old age difficulties. 

Thus to get body rejuvinated once in a year, 14 or 21 days uzichal is carried out. Only a small part of uzichal is elobrated here. The important instructions will be given to selected disciples by the master  in course of time and circumstances.