be somebody's fool this year

//important stuff//

welcome to they aren't sluts like you. join this webring if you feel like you should. i don't have huge requirements. you dont have to be a girl. bands are very welcome too. i just ask you to be original and have some decent content (and, of course, to put the code up).

sometimes i visit the sites of the ring and when i notice that people don't have the code up on their sites, i have no choice: i just have to remove them, cause it breaks the ring. i will only add the sites with the code up, anywhere i can find it. so i ask you pretty please to add the code to your place before you ask me to let you join they aren't sluts like you.

ready? then join us.

code- [customize it if you want]
dont forget to put your email

<p><a href="" onMouseOver="window.status='come join us in a prayer'; return true"> <img src="img src="" border=0></a></P> <p> <center> <a href=";action=rand" onMouseOver="window.status='random'; return true">ooh</a> cinderella, <a href=";action=list" onMouseOver="window.status='list them all'; return true">they</A> aren't <a href=";id=0;action=addform" onMouseOver="window.status='join'; return true">sluts</a> like <a href="mailto:--YOUREMAILHERE--" onMouseOver="window.status='email me'; return true">you</a>.</P>

this is how it will look like on your site.

ooh cinderella, they aren't sluts like you.

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