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The LaffyLines GIRL Retrospective!


In 1980 rock music clashed with Aerosmith attitude in a new band from London...

In the 1980's Glam rock was re born with GIRL. Five guys topped the charts in the Far East and broke the top 30 in Europe by pushing rock's boundaries.

In 1983, after three albums, they hit self destruct.

Guitarist Gerry Laffy teamed with video wiz Russell Mulcahy and made clips for mega stars as well as films like Highlander and Ricochet.

Philip Lewis found a gig with the LA Guns, Phil Collen found worldwide fame in Def Leppard and the rest of the band went home.

Gerry still made music; two albums in the mid 80's with renagades The London Cowboys (with ex Sex Pistol and New York Doll fall out's) and finally a solo CD in 1990. Now singer/guitarist Gerry Laffy has completed a second solo album, called 'ALL DAY LONG' a decade after his critically acclaimed debut 'MONEY & THE MAGIC'.

Is he slow or what? Well, not really. Apart from his work along side ex-Duran bassist John Taylor (making 3 records with him), Laffy made two albums with his rock band Sheer Greed, a stunning acoustic CD with brother Simon and the last offering from Ultravox. (That's 17 albums since 1980!)

Based in London, despite being on first name terms with Virgin Atlantic staff, Laffy still finds the time and passion needed to continue on in the musical process.

Recently completed, his latest work, 'All Day Long' brings Gerry back to his raw rock tradition with an opener of a re-recording of America classic 'Horse with No Name' (produced by John Taylor). And finishing up with 'Never Know Much' and 'Heaven Lost' (co-produced with drummer Larry Abberman). The remaining 9 songs were recorded with brother Simon at his London studio and offer a sentiment and feel combining rock edge with an acoustic depth. A haunting and challenging collection.

Peruse the many areas of this site including old and new photos in the gallery, Laffy's bio, sound bytes of the music as well as a fan forum - chat room and message board where regularly scheduled chats with Laffy are hosted and much, much more! So what are you waiting for? Start clicking!

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