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Weapons of Jeet Kune Do

Basically the veapons of Jeet Kune Do constitues all things that the human body can offer, (feet, hands, elbow, knee, headbutt)! This is because according to Bruce Lee they include all the impressions of the human body, or as one of his quotations says:

"If you talking about combat
- as it is -
well, then, baby, you better train
every part of your body!"
(Bliz vol.12 no.7)


Lead Punch 

Straight left 


Upper Cut 



 It is all important that one should spend most of his time during work outs perfecting his ability to punch (and to kick properly).

When you punch you've got to put the whole hip into it, and snap it, and get all the energy in there, and make your fist into a weapon (Little Vol.3 1997)

Editors not:

Although some punches are not represented here! JKD possesses all punching techniques of boxing and more (eg finger jab). One should practice these until he/she can throw them from any angle with speed and power in single mode or in combination


Front Kick

Hook Kick

Reverse Hook Kick

Side Kick

Spin Kick


Just like in punching, in JKD a large part of the kicking is done with the lead leg. (Except for the spin kick of course).

Striking with your foot has several advantages. First your leg is much more powerful than your hands, second your leg is longer than your hand so it is your first line of attack. (Lee & Uyehara 1991)

A note: The leg is the more powerful weapon but, ultimately the man who can punch better will be the one who will win.(Little vol.3 1997)

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