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The on-guard position and footwork

The on-guard position

"The on-guard position is the best way to move straight back, forward or to the side."(Wong 1997 january) The on - quard position is that position most favorable to the mechanical execution of all the total techniques and skills. It allows complete relaxation yet, at the same time gives a muslce tonus most favorable to quick reaction time. (Bruce 1993)



"The essence of fighting is the art of moving" - Bruce Lee (Wong 1997 January) Mobility is vitally important in Jeet Kune Do - present a moving target which your opponent has difficulty in hitting or kicking. (Little 1997) Foot work is purposeful movement! Acording to Bruce Lee one should not move for the sake of moving and not to bounce simply for the sake of bouncing. Every move you make should be purposeful; it should be done to either deliver a hit or to move out of the range of being on the receiving end of your opponent's hit.(Wong 1997 January) Lastly a very good point to remember: "The quality of a man's technique depends on his footwork, for one cannot use his hands or kicks efficiently until his feet have put him in the desired position." (Bruce 1993)

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