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King Iron Bridge & Manufacturing Company

(Cleveland, Ohio - 1858 to 1920's)

 LAST UPDATED: November 27, 2000

Thank you for visiting our King Bridge Homepage. This page is dedicated to research on Zenas King, James A. King, and the King Iron Bridge & Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio (later the King Bridge Company). Many of the Company's bridges were used during America's expansion West in the late 1800's and early 1900's and some of these bridges are still standing today. These are beautiful iron bridges and we are trying to locate any existing ones in order to preserve these pieces of American history.

The big King bridge pictured above on the left is the New Detroit-Superior High Level Bridge built in 1918.  Below it is the King Central Avenue Bridge.  both are still used in Cleveland, Ohio.  On the right is an example of a King Bridge Company Catalogue, Circa 1882.  

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Click this link for a short history of The New Detroit-Superior High Level Bridge (1918) , By Stanley L. McMichael  and click the picture bccc08.jpg (37567 bytes)  for a larger  image of the Bridge.  

Click this link for  Pictures of King Bridges in Cleveland, OH and Niantic, CT or this link to More Pictures of a King Bridge, South Boston. Unless otherwise stated, all pictures are Copyrighted by HK Photoworks. 

Click this link for a note on Saving Old Bridges and a Description of Some Remaining King Bridges including this historic Fort Laramie Army Bridge spanning the North Platte River at Fort Laramie, Wyoming.  This bridge is listed on the National Historic Register. 

this unique railroad swing bridge (a/k/a The Hojack Bridge)  is in Rochester, N.Y.hojackbridge2.jpg (120901 bytes) .Check out "The Bridge Project" Website at to help preserve the Hojack Bridge.  See Also the Rochester Area Railroad Fan Page for some wonderful pictures of the Hojack Bridge.

Here are  two King patented Bowstring Bridges, one in Newfield, N.Y.newfieldbowstring.jpg (137797 bytes) and the other in Chili Mills (on Stuart Road), near Rochester, NY.  It is on the State Register on Historic Places and the  County, which owns the bridge, is looking to rehab and reopen the bridge.

Click this link to see a  List of known King Bridge locations.  If you think a bridge near you is a King Bridge please send us an e-mail at     

Click this link for a history of Zenas King, the King Family and the King Bridge Company.

Click here zeanshouse2.jpg (104360 bytes)for a picture of a Greek Revival house designed and built in 1848 by Zenas King in Milan, Ohio.  

Click this link for an unusual King Bridge Project, the dome of the Yerkes Observatory located at Geneva Lake, Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Click the picture outsideobs.gif (142200 bytes) to see it full size. ( Picture courtesy of the University of Chicago Yerkes Observatory) 

Click here for a List of known King Bridge locations.

Other King Bridge Websites & Related Bridge Sites

FB1912.jpg (25959 bytes) (Picture courtesy of The Knox County Historical Sites, Inc)

We are particularly interested in any King Bridge Plates or King Bridge Company Catalogues similar to the ones shown below.

1887_King_Bridge_Plate.jpg (54882 bytes)catalogue.jpg (28318 bytes)

If you have any information about a the King Family or the King Bridge Company or think a bridge near you may be a King Bridge, please drop us a line at or

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