An old King Bridge will have a new home


The old King Bridge acquired by the Sloan family has found a new home. The trusses from a 24 foot bridge built by the King Bridge Company in 1887 across Black Creek for the Town of Byron, New York has been gifted over to the Woodstock (New York) Land Conservancy and will be placed on property given to the Conservancy by Allan Edward Sloan on the side of Overlook Mountain. It is in the process of being rehabilitated and will be placed on the site sometime later in 2000. Along with the Rosendale Viaduct, this bridge will be the second remaining bridge built by the King Bridge Company located in Ulster County.

It is a Pratt half-hip pony truss and was reputed to be one of the oldest wrought iron bridges in Western New York State. It was ordered by Addison Sands, the highway commissioner of the era whose name appears on the bridge plate along with that of the King Bridge Company. For the last 25 years, the bridge was in the possession of Dr. Richard Fink of Bergen, New York who acquired it from the Sands family.

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