The End of a Decade. The Year of the TOXIC BALLS!

45 year old set up in flames

This year of GH has brought the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain boring.

Best Social Media for WUBS: Twitter! It's the best thing to hit Daytime in forever as well.
I was able to get to know fans, magazine writers and webmasters in a way I never have before.
It also led to me attending my first big GH Event this year!
Loved meeting Nancy Lee Grahn and schmoozing with other wubbies.
I love tweeting the show live to fans stuck at work. Wubs is up to 5,800 followers!

New Mascot. Alberta Wubs, lobster maskot for the site, got around this year.
Check out her FanPage on Facebook to see all the charity contributions Wubbers did!

What can I say about the state of GH in 2009? This year brought us Ethan and the short 'return' of Holly. We had great recasting of all the kids on set and really started getting into the younger ones' storylines.
Jax finally had his baby girl. JaSam got back together and L&L2 found their way as a re-re-couple (very nice for the JJ return).
The Toxic Ball storyline was laughable..and we did laugh, didn't we? Trevor met his end during that fiasco. We did get a kick ass new lobby out of the whole thing.
Ric left on the elevator..:eyeroll: and Dr. Matt got no love again this year.
Scrubs went through PPD (which we heard a million times) and Robin ended up putting baby Emma in a tree.
Michael woke up--and the fall of Claudia began. JoLivia sizzled and took a couple that was just supposed to have a fling into a whole 'nother atmosphere.
Speaking of chemistry, the writers ran with Spixie and gave us a fun "non-wedding" for a few days. Karaoke night became a regular feature at Jake's.
Coleman was on more. Diane and Max heated it up...and made us love them. There were plenty of stories that were dragged out forever, and quite a few missteps along the way.
Rebecca never took off--the more the mascara, the more it just didn't fly. The Carnival was a story that was good because most of the cast was involved and we finally got a remote shoot.
DOMte was a big addition not only because of the whole cop thing, but because Sonny has a son that's grown up and about to blow his world apart.
Hey, Audrey was back for A DAY...Bobbie popped up in 2 scenes and Leslie was around a bit too.
Kristina and Keifer--could have been dramatic but it was started and stopped far too many times. Infact, 2009 was the "spurt and sputter" year.
Cassadine story pushed back (although yeah we did see Helena for a bit) and back...and back.
This brings us to--THE FRANCO FACTOR. GH got a boost in the PR department from the "A-lister" but not much else.
I am giving best actor award to Steve Burton this year, which is a huge thing for me. I have seen Jason grow in leaps and bounds. Burton was finally allowed to do some other dialog this year other than the same old "Stonecold" antics. He and Michael, he and Sam...he leaving Liz were all touching. I also gave it to SB because he surprised me the most this year, and I like that!


Best Actor: Steve Burton
Best Actress: Sarah Joy Brown
Honorable Mention: Lisa LoCicero
Best Storyline: Claudia's Death
Best Recast: Michael/Morgan

Best Couple: Jolivia
Most promising Couple: Lulu/Dante

Most Fun Story: Spixie Non-Wedding
Best Episode: Sonny tells Claudia off during her birthday party
Best Blow-Up: Jason calls Michael a "little bitch"
Best New Idea: Karaoke Night
Most Fun Character Female: Diane
Most Fun Character Male: Coleman
Best Prop: Bubble Lamp

Best Set: NU-Lobby complete with Helena's face on the monitors!
Could have lived without: Toxic Balls, Rebecily,"CO77x"
Biggest Let down: Ethan is Luke's son, not Robert's
Most Stupid Storyline (and boring): Toxic Balls.
Nicest Surprise: Molly and Kristina
Dragged out Storyline: Michael wakes up and takes 2 months deciding where to live
Best Exit: Claudia via a bashing from Michael
Worst Exit: Rick via an elevator
Evaporation: Nadine
Best Fight: Claudia/Olivia
Worst Comeback: Natalia Livingston
Best Comeback: Johnathan Jackson
Dissed Actor: Tie: Megan Ward/Greg Vaughn
Botched Guest Role: Emma Samms
Botched Story: Mistress Murder
Best use of outside set: Carnival
The Year of: JaSam Comeback/L&L2 Comeback

Biggest Frustration: No new opening credits.
Dropped Character: Kate
Propped Character: Ethan
Most Improved Character: Ethan

Most recycled movie theme: Batman: Bomb on roof/Franco/bat cave
Biggest WUB Story: Franco/Jason



Banner that was made in 2003~ the "cleaning" of GH. All these people let go.


Best Couple: Tie: CarJax and Scrubs
Best Actress: Constance Towers
Best Actor: Tony Geary
Worst Storyline: Text-Message Killer
Single most stupid moment: Sonny and Ric have their blood "transfused" at the Black & White ball.
Most fun I had: Helena/Tracy trying to bungle up NEM wedding
Most Missed: Faith Roscoe, Alkazar, Skye Quartermaine
Want to forget: Connor/Nikolas Storyline
FAIL: Condom Story
Do you remember: Reese? Rachel? Manny? Sacha? Allegra?
Best New Character: Spinelli
Biggest Waste of Potential Storyline: Rick Webber/Attic Mystery
Character that shouldn't have died: AJ
Best WUB word: FETA
Best Villian: Female: Helena~ Male: Faison
Most overused line on GH: "You're Dead to me"!
Touching Scene: Luke tells Laura Lucky is alive
Dropped Storyline: Cassadine Endgame
Best Wedding: Scrubs
Best Re-Wedding: Luke and Laura
Best New Year: 2002 Dream Sequence
Most Destruction: The killing off of the Q's
Biggest Upset for Daytime: 9/11
Best recast: Laura Wright
Most potenital, worst muck-up: Claudia Zacchara
Best character actor: Carolyn Hennesy
Runner up: Bruce Weitz
Worst Character: Tie: Summer and Marina
Biggest Stunt: Franco
Biggest CGI: Jason on jet ski
Fastest recovery/dropped storyline: Alexis' lung cancer
Most prolific Male: Sonny Female: Liz
Biggest Face Changes: Carly/Lucky
Biggest Mistake: Ending the Nurses' AIDS Balls in 2001
Worst Scene of the Decade: AJ on a Meathook

Kong and Luke

Best Fun The Wubqueen had all year:

Patty, Karen, NLG and Chrissy at NLG's NYC Event in November

Link to 2008 and older awards PAST WUB AWARDS