Wubulation Awards 2008 Best/Worst

Oh, folks, it has been a tough year for us GH fans! We've had enough death, destruction and angst to last a lifetime. Very had to find "Best of" but I did try hard. See if you agree...

Best Actor: Tristan Rogers: I don't care that it was on Night Shift, I'm giving it to him this year. His cancer storyline was fearless.

Best Actress: Laura Wright: The Michael story alone gave her the material she needed to shine.

Best Couple: Alexis and Diane. Reminded me why I love friendships on soaps (and we've had little of!)
Runners Up: Maxie and Spin. Cute, fun and watchable.

Strangest Couple: Claudia and Johnny

Best Storyline: Wow. Can I pick one? No-- I can't! ...but I think I'll go with "Maxie's Fashion Career" (I made it up but what the hey). Loved her working for Kate, being all enthused and wearing kick-ass designer clothes.

Worst Storyline: Michael's shot in the head. Not only was it not necessary, it didn't do what the intent was; get Sonny out of the mob.
Runner up: Jax being held on the boat. Ugh.

Worst repeat Storyline: Kate's shot twice

Most over-used means of wounding: Claudia's stabbed, thrown in the water; Sonny's stabbed, thrown in the water; Olivia's stabbed; Sam stabbed; Logan stabbed (with a really, really giant knife!) I'm sure other people were too, just can't think of them.

Biggest let-down: Laura's "return". She looked fab, but was stuck in a room with Lulu too long and then went on the run with Scotty. "On the run" to a cheesy set that looked like it cost $1.45.

Most over-used set: PCPD "waiting" room--er, "interrogation" room.
Runner Up: The "Biker bar"..."Mexican bar"... Dominican Republic "Bar"...

Worst new character: Ric's girlfriend, Marianna. Wowza.

Best new character: Olivia...and I say that with much caution.

Worst example of a "real business": Crimson. There are no words.

Waste of airtime: Lulu and Johnny go on the "run" to a really, really badly done NYC apartment, complete with "Latino" neighbors.

Most Welcome Return: Sarah Brown. Although I could have done without the creation of a whole new MobFamily.

Fastest Recovery (next to Alexis' lung cancer): Nikolas' tumah operation. With a bandage the size of a small postage stamp!

Worst accent: Sasha

Biggest Bore: "Fake Drug" storyline

All the good stuff happened on: Night Shift

Wublation ABC Awards

BEST SOAP: One Life to Live

Best Actor: Trevor St. John, OLTL

Best Actress: Susan Haskell OLTL

Best Storyline: TIE! Angie/Jesse get married again and OLTL Starr's baby arc.

Most fun: Back in Time OLTL

So glad comeback: David Vickers

Most promising couple to come: Reese/Bianca. AMC

Best at "Crazy": Tessica, OLTL

Best Ghost: Dixie, AMC

Best Villian: Dr. David Hayward, AMC

Cutest kid: Cameron, GH

Best Geek: Spin, GH

Best Dressed: Maxie, GH

Best Set: Confusion, AMC

Most forgettable character: Dr. Matt GH

Readers Voted "Couple to Watch in 2009": Liason!

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A GIANT thank you to all the WUB readers this year, especially those that faithfully read The Wub Tub daily. We made it THROUGH 2008!