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Don't worry, your Petz are in good hands here, we do not put them to sleep, put them in tiny cadges, or clone them, we beleve every Petz is special, and every Petz deserves a chance.

If you have any unwanted Petz you want to give away, just send us the following info along with your Pet(z)

Petz Name:

Petz Breed:



Resion up for adoption(Optional):

Note: All Petz in this adoption center are for Petz3, so please don't send in any PetzII, Petz1, or Oddballz, alltough these are all great programs, we are working with Petz3 only at the time. Thanx!

Now For The Petz Up For Adoption:)

Name: Brownie

Breed: Mixed

Generation: 5th

Number: #5

Comments: He is soo cute! We will miss him alot.