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Here you can find 500+ model questions. I am happy to hear if this helpful to you, if please put a remark in the guest book. And I will post more questions latter. Some of the answers may be incorrect & you are requested to verify all answers yourself. If you found error, inform me with reasons so that I can rectify it, and if you have any model questions please post it, I will add it here. Believe in Give & take policy ...all the Best (Y)   

Question 1) What shells are provided by default Solaris installation?

a csh
b tcsh
c ksh
d sh
e bash

Ans: a,c,d

Question 2) Which of the following commands can be used to move one or more print
requests from printer laser2 to printer laser1? 

a lpmove laser2 laser1
b lpmove laser1 laser2 
c lpmove laser2-35 laser1
d lpmove laser2 all laser1

Ans: a,c

Question 3) Which command are correct when you boot from CDROM ?

a boot cdrom
b b sd (0,30,1) 
c ok boot cdrom
d b sd (0,6,2) 

Ans: c

Question 4) Which of the following commands is the best way to shutdown a system?

a shutdown
b halt
c reboot
d Stop-A

Ans: a

Question 5) Which command(s) can raise the priority of a user process?

a kill -USR1
b nice
c priocntl
d raise

Ans: b,c

Question 6) /var/sadm/sulog does ?

a it records each time su command used
b it records user changed to other user.

Ans: a,b

Question 7) What is a minimum requirement to complete a successful login to a Solaris system?

a A login ID
b A default login shell
c A login (home directory

Ans: a

Question 8) Chgrp tech_file tech-doc

a tech_doc file updated
b group ownership of the tech_doc is changed

Ans a,b

Question 9) What command is used to remove a patch from a system?

a uninstall
b pkgrm -p
c rm -r

Ans: b

Question 10) Which directories you can include in your search path ?

a any directory
b only those owned by root, lp and you

Ans: a

Question 11) What command is used to show software package information?

a pkgadd
b pkgchk
c pkgparam
d pkginfo

Ans: d

Question 12) What is the top directory of the file system ?

a $home
b /
c parent directory
d ~ home

Ans: b

Question 13) Which of the following commands can be used to cancel one or more print requests? 

a cancel laser1-36
b cancel "laser1-36 laser1-38 laser2 -12" 
c cancel -u dla
d cancel -u dla laser1

Ans: a,b,c,d

Question 14) Which one add the backing up command into cron(in fact vi) ?

a crontab -e
59 23 * * 1-5 tar cvf /home/davis
b crontab 59 23 * * 1-5 tar cvf /home/davis

Ans: a

Question 15) What command verifies the accuracy of a software package installation?

a pkgadd
b pkgchk
c pkgask
d pkginfo

Ans: d

Question 16) Which command displays shell variables for Borne and C shell ?

a env
b printenv
c set
d list

Ans: a

Question 17) What command schedules a command to run once at a given time?

a crontab
b priocntl
c at
d cron

Ans: d

Question 18) Where is the printer information directory or files ?

a /etc/printcap
b /dev/term/a
c /usr/share/lib/terminfo/e
d /usr/lib/printinfo/e

Ans: c

Question 19) What mount option is used to mount file systems that have files larger than 2GB?

a largefiles
b nolargefiles
c lf
d its enabled by default

Ans: d

Question 20) The fragment size of a UFS file system is

a 512 bytes
b 1024 bytes
c 2048 bytes
d 4096 bytes

Ans: b

Question 21) What file contains a list of file systems to be automatically mounted at boot up?

a /etc/fstab
b /etc/dfs/dfstab
c /etc/vfstab
d /etc/rc2.d/S74autofs

Ans: c

Question 22) Which of the following will increase the reliability of email transmission ?

a encoding
b decoding
c compressing
d uncompressing

Ans: c

Question 23) What is standard output ?

a tap
b terminal
c printer
d cdrom

Ans: b

Question 24) Which command can edit a file ?

a vi file
b vi -p file
c vi -r file
d vi

Ans: A,C

Question 25) To install WEB install you need

a Floppy drive
b 64mb Ram
c 1 GB HDD
d Power pc system

Ans: b

Question 26) what is the command to display the runlevel

a who
b who -r
c who -R

Ans: b

Question 27) Which daemon check the crontab during the initialization ?

a cron.d
b crontabd
c cron
d crond

Ans: c

Question 28) How to find users logged into local area network

a who
b finger
c last

Ans a

Question 29) Which file will show physical device name to its instance name

a /etc/hosts
b /etc/path_to_inst
c /etc

Ans: b

Question 30) What does ps do without option ?

a all jobs
b all process
c all jobs belong to the user
d all process belong to the user

Ans: c

Question 31) The shutdown command to stop at OK prompt

a init6
b init 0
c init s
d init 1

Ans b

Question 32) What lp -d X Y mean ?

a show default printer
b show the queue of printer X
c print file Y in printer X
d remove print request X and Y

Ans: c

Question 33) How is logging failed login attempts to /var/adm/loginlog enabled?

a Add "FAIL=/var/adm/loginlog" to the /etc/default/login file
b Execute the logfail /var/adm/loginlog command
c Create the /var/adm/loginlog file
d Execute the login -fail /var/adm/loginlog command

Ans: c

Question 34) What type of file is this?
drwxr_xr_x 1 tom users 512 Sep 1 08:26 devices

a Door
b Directory
c Symbolic link
d Device (block) 
e Regular

Ans b

Question 35) Default shell of solaris

a c,korn,bourne
b c,sun,unix
c korn,unix, bourne
d sun,os/2,bsd

Ans a

Question 36) How to find all files in the system belong to user X ?

a find /-owner X -print
b find /-user X -print
c find /-name user X -print
d find /-name X -print

Ans: b

Question 37) Who can use chmod 2750 filename command ?

a superuser
b group manager
c anyone in the group
d the file owner

Ans: d

Question 38) Sources from where we can get patches

a ftp to sun
b telnet to sun
c www
d media

Ans: c,d

Question 39) What is the daemon that runs crontab

a cron
b crontabd
c crond

Ans: c

Question 40) You should change which file in the remote machine if you want to login and do not 
need to input password ?

a /etc/hosts.equiv
b $HOME/.rhosts
c /home/.rhosts
d /.rhosts

Ans: b

Question 41) Default shells of solaris is

a bourne
b c shell
c korn

Ans: a

Question 42) Which of the followings will find a file whose size is larger than 1 kilobytes ?

a find /export/home -size +2
b find /export/home -size +1024
c find /export/home -size +1

Ans: a

Question 43) What is a host

a Host provides services to the othersystems.
b It is an entity to take service from other systems
c Host is a unique name

Ans: c

Question 44) What is the command used to see ur userid groupid group and name

a who
b id
c last
d logins


Question 45) When you install a machine, which partitions are default included ?

a /opt
b /usr
c /var
d /

Ans: B,D

Question 46) What is the output of the command
lpadmin -p test -c bldg10
lpadmin -p test -c bldg11
accept bldg11

a 2 classes bldg10 and bldg10 is created
b only class bldg11 accepts jobs
c only class bldg10 accepts jobs

Ans: b

Question 47) Which of the following put the print request to the highest priority ?

a lp -q 0 filename
b lp -q top filename
c lp -q immediate filename
d lp -q high filename

Ans: a

Question 48) To identify user name, UID, group name and GID

a who 
b last
c id
d finger

Ans c

Question 49) How to assign priority to a file topurgent

a lp -d printername -q 1 topurgent
b lp -p printername -q 0 topurgent
c lp -d printername -q 0 topurgent

Ans: c

Question 50) Which sub-command of ftp is used to transfer files without needing confirmation for 
each file?

a hash
b prompt off
c no conf
d ftp -i

Ans b,d

Question 51) To stop printer a from printing and send all jobs to printer b

a reject a
b cancel a
c lpmove a b
d reject lpmove a b

Ans: b,c

Question 52) What is correct about at ?

a execute once only
b put a file at a location
c schedule a event

Ans: a,c

Question 53) How to check filesystem damage

a ck
b fsck
c fsok
d sync

Ans b 

Question 54) Which of the following controls the access to cron utility ?

a /etc/cron/crontabenable
b /etc/cron.d/crontabenable
c /etc/cron/crontabdeny
d /etc/cron.d/crontabdeny

Ans: b,d

Question 55) When more than one application is running it is know as

a multitasking
b multiprocessing
c distributed processing

Ans: a

Question 56) If a machine have / directory, but using /usr and /export/home somewhere else, then 
this machine is

a dataless
b diskless
c standalone

Ans: a

Question 57) Which of the following commands is used to list printer classes and the member 

a lp -c
b lpadmin -c 
c lpstat -c
d lpadmin -c -m

Ans: c

Question 58) Cpio command can span multiple backup tapes.

a True
b False

Ans: a

Question 59) Which command display file size in kilobyte ?

a df
b df -k
c du
d du -k

Ans: d

Question 60) What is the command that a simple user can give to set the default boot device

a ok boot-device?disk
b #eeprom
c setenv
d none of the above

Ans: d

Question 61) What value represents Sunday in the day of week field in crontab?

a) 0
b) 1
c) 6
d) 7

Ans: a

Question 62) Solaris supports 

a Korn, Bourne, C shells
b C shell is obsolete, not supported
c Bourne shell is obsolete, not supported
d Born shell is officially supported shell

Ans: a

Question 63) Which of the following directories contain kernel 

a /
b /usr
c /etc
d /platform
c /mount

Ans: a,b,d

Question 64) How to mount largefiles c0t0 disk 0 slice 7 on /export/home

a mount /dev/dsk/cotodos7 /export/home
b mount /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7 /export/home
c mountall

Ans: b

Question 64) To boot a system in single user mode

a ok boot disk
b ok boot -s
c ok boot -s cdrom
d boot

Ans: b

Question 65) Which of the following files are used to control access to the crontab files? 

a /etc/cron.d/cron.deny
b /etc/cron.d/cron.allow
c /var/spool/cron/cron.allow
d /var/spool/cron/cron.deny
e /usr/lib/cron/cron.allow
f /usr/lib/cron/cron.deny

Ans: a,b

Question 66) The commmand used to synchornise the disks 

a sync
b done 
c equll
d disk_sync

Ans: a

Question 67) A file permission is listed as following -rw-rw-r-filen Which command do not 
change its permission ?

a chmod u-w filen
b chmod u-x filen
c chmod g-w filen
d chmod g-x filen

Ans: B,D

Question 68) In terms of default printers, which of the following precedence orders is correct?

a The system default, followed by the printer specified by the lp -d
command line argument, then the LPDEST variable
b The printer specified by the lp -d command line argument, followed by
the LPDEST variable, then the system default
c The LPDEST variable, followed by the system default, then the printer
specified by the lp -d command line argument.


Question 69) Which type of device accepts data synchrnosly

a raw
b chater
c disks
d none

Ans: a

Question 70) Which of the following commands can be used to back up the entire file
system located on the disk drive identified by c0t1d0s5?

a ufsdump 0u /dev/dsk/c0t1d0s5
b ufsdump 0u /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s5
c ufsdump 9u /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s5
d ufsdump 9u /dev/dsk/c0t1d0s5

Ans: b 

Question 71) What is the logical name for a scsi disk 1 and partion 4

a cot4d0s1
b c0t1d0s4

Ans: b

Question 72) Which statement is true when umask 022 to umask 027 ?

a more secure
b new created files don't have write permission for others
c new created files have write permission for others

Ans: a,b

Question 73) At what instance u should halt the system

a when ur upgrading the memory
b when performing backup
c when upgrading new solaris
d when installing a remote printer

Ans: c

Question 74) What standard default file permission ?

a rw-r--r--
b rwxr-xr--
c rw---x-x
d rwxrwxrwx

Ans: a

Question 75) Root user is

a User ID=0, Group ID=0
b User ID=1, Group ID=0
c User ID=0, Group ID=1
d User ID=1, Group ID=1

Ans: c

Question 76) Which of the following functions can be performed using the admintool command? 

a Add or modify a local printer
b Add or modify a remote printer 
c Delete a local printer
d Delete a remote printer

Ans: a,b,c,d

Question 77) Command used to set ACL

a setacl
b setfacl
c userfacl

Ans: b

Question 78) What happens on the following commands to a dir
umask 022
umask 027

a there will be no changes
b it will provide more security
c it will take out read rights for others

Ans: b,c

Question 79) Which of the following can be backed up using the ufsdump command? 

a File systems
b Files
c Volume table of contents
d Directories

Ans: a,b,d

Question 80) In Vi, which of the following is used for searching a string ?

a %

c ~
d ?

Ans: d

Question 81) Command used to see hostid

a finger
b name
c uname
d id

Ans: c

Question 82) For files /etc/hosts.equiv and $HOME/.rhosts, which is true

a created by superuser only
b related to system security
c created by default during the installation
d run first during install

Ans: b

Question 83) What is the benefits of NFS.

a It shares executables and data files.
b It shares common read only file systems.
c It shares host names over network.
d It shares files for remote authentication.

Ans: a,b,c,d

Question 84) Which of the following is a physical device

a sd@0
b /dev/rdisk/0
c devices/-----
d /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0

Ans: b

Question 85) Which command selects a new disk from format command

a new_disk
b new
c disk
d partion

Ans: b

Question 86) What is the command for remote copying

a rcp
b rsh
c rlogin
d ftp

Ans: a

Question 87) lp service supports the which of the following

b solaris 1.x
c solaris 2.x
d solaris 7

Ans: d

Question 88) Your login is to log into 

a administrator
b operation system
c home
d company

Ans: c

Question 89) Which of the following admintool fields can be modified for a remote printer? 

a Printer name
b Print server
c Description
d Options

Ans: c,d

Question 90) Which file contains users passwd

a /etc/passwd
b /etc/groups
c /etc/shadow
d /etc/password

Ans: c

Question 91) Members of which group can add and remove users

a 0
b 10
c 14
d 13

Ans: 14

Question 92) What is the system default run level?

a 3
b 2
c 4

Ans: a

Question 93) Kernel is for 

a device management
b file storage
c trAns:lating user requests

Ans: a

Question 94) Which of the following cancel commands can be used to cancel the printing of one or 
more print requests? 

a cancel -u root
b cancel -u root laser1
c cancel laser1
d cancel laser1-37

Ans: a,b,c,d

Question 95) How to list crontab ?

a as root, run crontab -1
b as regular user, run crontab -1
c as root, run /etc/default/cron/root
d as regular user, run crontab -e

Ans: a,b

Question 96) Which command is used to show user and group information of a user ?

a id
b whoami
c who
d whodo

Ans: a

Question 97) Which file does the /sbin/init program use to start processes?

a /etc/init.
b /etc/inittab
c /usr/bin/inittab

Question 98) In what directory are physical devices found?

a /dev.
b /devices.
c /dev/rdsk.

Ans: b

Question 99) Which of the following operating systems are supported as print clients by the LP 
Print Service? 

b Solaris
c Microsoft Windows
d Macintosh

Ans: a,b

Question 100) How to read an encoded file 

a uncompress
b undecode
c unencrypt
d uudecode

Ans: d

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