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New History that gives you a small fax page preview

New Gefax History




Gefax is a gui front end for Efax©. Gefax has no network support. If you need to access a fax spool (either on the local machine or across a network) Gefax will be of no use to you. An excellent application exists with these capabilities called Gfax. Gfax is listed in the gnome software map.
If however, you have a modem attached to your computer, I believe Gefax is ideal. You will need to setuid to root on the Efax executable or have the correct permission to use your modem. All Gefax versions now include the latest (Development) version of Efax (© Ed Casas). This will allow Efax to be executed in a different directory and therefore improve security. Gefax greater than version 0.4-0 will only execute efax in /usr/share/gefax/efax/.

Gefax Features

All components are designed to be a simple as possible while providing the required features. If you find this not to be the case, please E-mail the author with a suggestion or the problem/s that you have encountered. I'm definitely not being paid and no professional, but I wish to make this application as useful as possible!

I am always keen to learn so feel free to send me a few pointers etc, or, if you wish to help develop gefax E-Mail me.

Help Needed

Toolbar Pixmaps are neede desparately! These pixmaps would be useful for any gnome fax application. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated. See the README file with gefax for more information.
If you discover a bug please send a report to my e-mail address.
All suggestions are also welcome as I am no guru!, just a beginner.
Thank you to the people who have emailed information.


Apart from having the most awesome operating system (LINUX) and the best desktop (GNOME).
You will need the following packages: The source may work OK with lesser versions of these packages. The requirements are set in the RPM spec file

These packages will most likely have been installed with your Linux distribution. In addition to the files being present, Efax will need to be setuid as root (chmod 4775 /usr/share/gefax/efax/efax) or you will need permission to use the modem on your computer if you are not logged in as root (Logging in as root in order to use gefax is NOT recommended!).
You will find efax in /usr/share/gefax/efax after installing.
NOTE: The RPM will automatically chmod 4775 efax when installed.

Download RPM or Source

You may have to re-name the files after downloading as I couldn't
upload and preserve the correct filenames. cheers

Latest Release - Version 0.4-3

If you compile gefax yourself, you will need to make and install libGefax before compiling gefax. All help files etc will now be installed and uninstalled correctly from the source. (I hope).
Gefax won't compile unless you run configure with "--with-included-gettext". I have no idear why??
If you have received faximilies you MUST upgrade to vers 0.4-3 because this version will upgrade your history. Future versions will not upgrade your history and therefore you will LOSE it. This will not happen again as the new system is much more expandable (and more efficient)
Please report all bugs to so any problems can be fixed for vers 0.4-4. Thank You

RPM gefax-0.4-3.i386.rpm
Source RPM gefax-0.4-3.src.rpm
Source Tarball gefax-0.4.3.tar.gz
RPM libGefax-0.1-1.i386.rpm
Source RPM libGefax-0.1-1.src.rpm
Source Tarball libGefax-0.1-1.tar.gz

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