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I have thousands of used record albums (all are 33 LP's) available for sale.

Categories include:

Country Western
Easy Listening Non-Vocal
Easy Listening Vocal
Big Band
50's and 60's

All albums are recorded post-1950 but do include music, even by original artists, from the 1920's forward.

To offer you precise information, we ask you to include answers to the following with your inquiry:

1. What specific artists or orchestras?

2. What years (period of entertainers) are your interest? IE: 60's Folk, 40's Easy Listening, 30's Jazz...

3. Be specific with category. IE Hard Rock (Post 70's) versus Rolling Stones (60's). Or, a particular horn player (Jazz) versus Glen Miller (Big Band). Easy Listening Vocal can include artists from 40's through 70's, Folk, etc. This is why listing specific artists is most helpful for getting the listing to you quickly.

4. It may also be of benefit to tell a bit of why you are requesting the album, whether it is simply for personal enjoyment, to add to your collection, to use for a specific project...

Your inquiry then, might look like this:

"Please send info on all albums available, their condition and cost, for Easy Listening, Vocal, 1960's, specifically, Jim Nabors. My family enjoys listening to his music."

With this request, we would send you our listing of Jim Nabors' albums from 1960's with the price and condition of album (see rating chart below).

Rating: (album and covers graded separately)
Near Mint - may have tiny flaws, otherwise almost perfect.
Very Good Plus - may have light scuffs very minor imperfections
Very Good - visible signs of handling and playing, some loss of luster, "used but not abused." Jacket may have a split seam, ring wear, bent corner, light stains but not all at any one time.
Good - well-played with any number of defects, yet playable.

We will not list albums that are less than "Good," without specifying this in cases of some rare albums. Sample of RESPONSE

Hope to hear from you!

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