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On this page, the Spirit Counts! Staff  presents events and books to its readers, obtained through net surfing and email communication. The events published in this edition are a selection of the submissions from ASAW,
the Association for Spirit At Work (

We hope you will find something of interest in the listing below.

On Friday, May 30, 2003, we received the following:

Dear Friends of Spirit at Work,

Ron Pevny, one of the members of the Association for Spirit at Work, is offering a very unique retreat through the Animus Valley Institute in Durango, CO.  They have just reduced the price and are offering a discount to ASAW members, and I highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity if you can.  It is part vision quest, part experiential workshop, and people who have attended it in the past have found it extremely transformational.  I would be attending this myself except that it conflicts with the Academy of Management meeting in Seattle, which I am committed to attending.

Please contact Ron Pevny directly if you have any questions.  Ron's email is

On Tuesday, June 3, 2003, we received the following from Dr. Judi Neal:

Dear Friends of Spirit at Work,

Just one more announcement before I leave for California for the next week to attend the Spirit in Business conference, and the ASAW pre-conference in San Francisco. 

June 27-28th, I am offering a workshop on "Nurturing Spirit at Work"  at the Center for Leadership and Spirituality, Marian College, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Here is the description:

Nurturing Spirit at Work is a two-day workshop that gives participants a greater understanding of the many ways to nurture the human spirit in the workplace.  We will look at examples of what has been done in small and large organizations.  You will assess the current state of your own workplace, and will develop a unique and customized plan to carry back to your organization.  We will provide information on resources that can support you in your implementation process.  The process will be highly interactive and experiential.  The workshop will model basic principles and approaches that nurture the spirits of workshop participants.  Processes will include individual contemplation, group dialogue and connection to spirit, and the utilization of artistic and intuitive approaches to planning organizational change.

Cost:  $495 includes continental breakfast and lunch both days and all materials.  Participants will receive a free copy of the draft of Judi's book, "Four Gateways to Spirit at Work."

About the facilitator:  Dr. Judi Neal is the Executive Director of the Center for Spirit at Work at the University of New Haven, and founder of the Association for Spirit at Work - a professional membership organization.  She has worked as an internal organizational development consultant and manager at Honeywell, and at Circuitwise, Inc.  Her clients include Pfizer, Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, Yale University, and numerous other companies.  She has been quoted in over 50 mainstream publications on spirituality in the workplace, and has published many academic and popular articles on the field.  She is currently working on three books:  Four Gateways to Spirit at Work, Resource Guide to Managing With the Wisdom of Love, and Edgewalkers:  Spiritual Power in Corporate Leadership.  She has a monthly column on called "On the Edge."

For more information on this and other offerings, visit the Center for Spirituality and Leadership website at

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