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Fire Apparatus - Pumpers

There are now three pages of pumpers. Just click the "More Pumpers" at the bottom of page one to view the next pumper page. Being the most common piece of apparatus, pumpers are the most numereous of all field pieces and come in all shapes and sizes as you can see from these pages. I have aver a hundred pumpers posted for your viewing enjoyment. Last updated December 11, 2002

This 1991 KME belongs to Aetna Hose Volunteer Fire Company in Newark, Delaware. KME apparatus are few and far between.
(Click on image for full size view.)

E-35 is a 1976 American LaFrance that probably one of the oldest pieces with the Annapolis (MD) Fire Department.

Since they are located in Annapolis, MD I guess I'll post the U. S. Naval Academy's equipment on the first pages. Be sure to check out their ladder on the applicable page. This is a 1990 Simon-Duplex pumper assigned to the campus fire station. The crew on duty the day I visited had some pretty good stories to tell about some of the pranks the midshipmen pulled.

Stationed at the naval base across the river from the Naval Academy is this KME pumper. We could not find a year for it so if anyone knows please pass this on to me. Many thanks for the shirt and patch, they are treasured being a former naval aviator (air crew).

This beautiful 1981 American LaFrance is the first out engine of the Arkwright Area, SC fire department outside of Spartanburg.

Another beautiful relic in top condition is this 1984 American LaFrance pumper belonging to the Arkwright Area fire department. Note the enclose rear compartment.

Avondale, PA is located in mushroom country in southeast Pennsylvania. Lime green is their choice of colors on this Hahn pumper. Don't forget those two patches guys. I'm the guy who left two Avondale, LA patches.

Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) Airport is the operator of this brand new 2001 American LaFrance. Surprizingly BWI has an very good selection of equipment from crash trucks, to a pumper, to a rescue squad. Check out the other pages for more of BWI's equipment. Check out their "red" crash trucks on the Miscellaneous page.

Assigned to Station 25 in Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina, this 1999 KME is the first out truck.

Engine 262 is a 1996 E-One assigned to the second station at Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina. Station 26 is located behind the police station on the main drag through town.

The Belvedere Fire Company is located outside of Wilmington, Delaware. They are the only company around in the area that sports the "Chicago" style paint scheme in attractive black over red with gold pinstriping. Engine 305 is a 1989 Piece and is one of three pieces assigned to the station.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Having a little unusual appearance, this 1994 Pierce Lance is assigned to Station 70 in Bethany Beach, DE.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Engine 70-6 is a 1996 Pierce/Quantum cab rescue/pumper with the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Very sharp looking paint scheme on this 2000 HME/New Lexington pumper belonging to the Birdsboro Fire Company in Birdsboro, PA. Truck was posed on the local high school driveway and what a view.

It was a nice windy day overlooking the valley below. Birdsboro's (PA) second out pumper is this 1988 Spartan on a Pirsch chassie.

A very nice looking 1986 Pierce Arrow belonging to Station 71 in Blades, Delaware. The stations newest piece was at a Christmas parade the day I visited, but I was very impressed with what I shot that day.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Brandywine Hundred Fire Company from Bellefonte, Delaware has this very nice engine 113. Anyone have any info on it I would appriciate an email.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Bridgeport, PA is home to this 2000 KME pumper of the Goodwill Fire Company.

Goodwill Fire Company of Bridgeport, PA is the owner of this 1988 KME pumper. Check out the Miscellaneous page for a view of their traffic control vehicle.

This is one of the sharpest pumpers I have come across in a long time. The color scheme reminds me of the CNW railroad or the Green Bay Packers football team. Bryn Mawr (pronounced Brin Mar) Fire Company in Bryn Mawr, PA just outside of Philly is the owner of this 1997 KME and they have a twin as well. Check out their beautiful E-One ladder on the ladder page.

Latest weapon in the Bowers Beach Beach Volunteer Fire Company's fleet is this 2000 Pierce Dash pumper 40-3. Note the rat on wheels painted on the second door.
(Click on image for full size view.)

The Cambridge (MD) Fire Department operates this 2001 Pierce Lance and is one of several beautiful pieces at their main station.

Engine 1 is another nice piece from Camden, SC fire department. E-1 is a 1997 Pierce Saber.

I may be mistaken, but I think E-5, a 1975 Mack R-600, is a pumper but it could be a tanker. Either way it look good.

Established in 1802, the Carlisle Fire Company in Milford, Delaware has an excellant assortment of Hahn apparatus, but in 1998 decided to try Seagrave as seen here with engine 42-4. This is a very nice addition to your fleet of apparatus.
(Click on image for full size view.)

KME seems to be the engine of choice at the Camden-Wyoming, DE Fire Company. Pictured is their older 1997 KME pumper.
(Click on image for full size view.)

The Camden-Wyoming (DE) Volunteer Fire Company covers two communities, Camden and you guessed it Wyoming. This is their newest piece, a 1998 KME. They also operate an 1993 Pierce and a 1984 American LaFrance as well as other assorted pieces.
(Click on image for full size view.)

This 1981 Pemfab/E-One is assigned to the Cayce, South Carolina fire department, across the river from Columbia, SC the state capitol.

The newest piece with the Cayce (SC) fire department is this 1999 Ferrera on a Freightliner chassie.

A common engine around Lexington county is the this white 1989 FMC/Spartan as seen here at Chapin fire department in Chapin, SC near Columbia. Lexington county fire colors are white and it seems like every station has a white 1989 FMC engine.

One of the city apparatus of Chester, PA. This 1989 Pierce Dash is in a tough area south of Philly. Be safe guys.

I drove all the way to Cleveland, North Carolina that is, for this shot. The firemen just returned from a Sunday call and were nice enough to spot their truck for me. This is a 1998 American LaFrance manufactured at the American LaFrance factory just down the highway from their station and no they did not get a discount.

A 1994 KME/Freightliner fills the bill as the second engine for the Cleveland, North Carolina fire. Thanks to Travis for the tour of the ALF museum and a member of the Cleveland fire department. Unfortunately the pics I took sucked because of the lighting.

Cheswold (DE) Volunteer Fire Company operates several old American LaFrance fire apparatus. This is their 1971 American LaFrance pumper seen at the Middletown, Delaware fire station dedication parade.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Another beauty from the Cheswold (DE) Volunteer Fire Department is this 1978 American LaFrance that was refurbished in 2001.
(Click on image for full size view.)

One more nice unit from the Cheswold (DE) Volunteer Fire Department is this 1990 American LaFrance pumper.
(Click on image for full size view.)

My personal favorite is this 1980 Ward LaFrance operated by the Clayton (DE) Volunteer Fire company. Its a neat piece of apparatus you don't see too often and in especially good shape.
(Click on image for full size view)

The newest piece of equipment in the Clayton, Delaware Volunteer Fire company is this 2000 Ferrera with a Spartan cab. This is also the second Ferrera owned by the volunteer fire company.
(Click on image for full size view)

Just one of several pieces that Christiana (DE) brought to the fire convention in Dover, DE. They also brought out 4 or 5 pieces for the Middletown (DE) station parade and station dedication. Nice looking American LaFrance. Need some info on this one since it is lacking a number.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Engine #3 is the newest piece for Clinton, South Carolina. This is a 1995 KME with center controls. Clinton also operates an older American LaFrance ladder and a couple of older pumpers.

One of the oldest pieces in Cochranville (PA) Fire Company's fleet is this beautiful gray over red 1983 Hahn pumper. Cochranville FCo. also cooks some great bar-b-que chicken so if you are ever in the area on Saturdays check them out.

Cochranville's newest pumper is this 2001 Pierce with the gray over red scheme. Its a very sharp looking first out piece.

Engine 2 is assigned to Station 2 in Columbia, South Carolina. This 1996 KME is one of the newer pieces in the Columbia Fire Department's assortment of equipment. Their newest piece is stationed at the main station.
(Click on image for full size view.)

The old Macks are slowly being phased out of service in Columbia, South Carolina. Engine 42 is assigned to Station 2 and is a reserve engine.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Engine F-3's "F" indicates it is classified as a foam truck. Assigned to the industrial park area where hazardous materials may be present, the Columbia (SC) Fire Department converted this 1981 Mack into a foam truck. The industrial park station is off of state road 48 on the southside of town.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Contrary to what you see in print, this 2000 Ferrera Inferno is red and white and not "brown and white" as shown in the Code 3 catalog. Conshohocken, PA is located just outside of Philly and is one of two fire companies that operated in the city.

Conway, SC fire department has all white engines with green stripes. Noted for rescue trucks, Saulsbury has supplied the Conway department with a couple of pumpers as seen here with this 2000 Saulsbury/Spartan pumper. See other sections for Conway equipment.

No matter if they are red, yellow or white the CF Series Macks look very traditional. Engine 14-2, a 1984 Mack, is assigned to Station 1 in Cranston Heights, Delaware located on the outskirts of Wilmington.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Nice looking 1998 Pierce Quantum belonging to the Croft, SC fire department located just outside of Spartanburg, SC.

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