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Kuwaiti Auto Accidents

I guess I should explain one or two of my latest entries. The shot of the gold SUV, my truck, comes across a road hazard that stayed this way for weeks and as far as I know it is still like that. Near the bottom you will notice a bus wreck, 44 injured in that one and the one of the green boom truck, well it rolled on top of the silver Crown Victoria. No skid marks for the car and the truck looked like it crossed 4 lanes before hitting the center divider and rolling on top of the car. I was there moments after it happened and these shots are the day after.

If you are a fast driver, an aggressive one, Kuwait is the place for you. You can basically drive like you want without fear of the police stopping you. The only worry are the traffic cameras located along the freeway, but everyone knows where they are located and slowdown for a moment. Speeds in excess of 100 mph, passing on the shoulder (both inside and outside shoulders), tailgating (I'm talking inches), cutting people off are all common driving habits here. Some words of caution to new drivers; do not leave a safe space between you and the vehicle ahead because someone will slip in that spot and you will be in their trunk before you know it, do not drive below the posted speed limit, do not slam on your brakes when someone tailgates you, and avoid telling the other driver he is #1 if you know what I mean. You gotta roll with the flow here and don't take any of this personally or you could become one of the satistics you see posted on this page.

This is just a small portion of the auto accident images I have seen here in Kuwait. Just about all the accidents on the freeways are major ones involving rollovers. I do not have the satistics on fatalities, but I am sure they are high. Also noted was the lack of airbags even in the USA manufactured vehicles. This is what the fire department here in Kuwait rolls mainly on vehicle accidents verses fires since most structures are cement. Vehicles involved in accidents will sit on the side of the road for weeks or even months. Towing companies apply their tow company sticker on the vehicle in an effort to purchase the wrecks from the owner.

According to the "Arab Times" just before I left Kuwait, the police set up a radar station on one of the freeways and in 3 hours detained 117 drivers for speeding and other vehicle violations. Also they apprahended one young man for doing 305 kph (190 mph) in his Porsche. He is in custody and his car was impounded.

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Last updated November 30, 2007

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