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Auto Salvage Yard Near Westwego, LA, April 18, 2006

Pictures on this page are for sale. Thick clouds of black smoke were visible on the West Bank as I exited the Huey P. Long Bridge. A very dangerous fire had broken out at an auto salvage yard located on the West Bank between Bridge City and Westwego, LA. The yard was a collection point for flooded cars and trucks collected from the New Orleans area. The fire is under investigation at this time, but as a result of the fire, 5 vehicles were set ablaze, as well as a pile of tires. Look carefully at the images and note the bleved 55 gallon drum. Several hood lift pistons on vehicles were also exploding during the fire. Besides fire, toxic smoke, explosions there is also the danger of dog bites. Hey, is that chain on the pit bull strong enough? Check pricelist located on home page for prices.

Last updated April 19, 2006

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