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Discography Information
Welcome to the discography! Presented here are hundreds of unofficial releases broken down by various categories. This discography focuses on factory pressed silver CD's and homemade CD-R's but does not include information on LP's, cassette tapes, or videos (unless converted to CD-R format). Each CD title is given individual attention with set listings, performance locations, comments, downloadable artwork, and quality rating.
Listing Breakdown

Alphabetical Listing
CD titles are listed by the first letter of the title.

Tours Listing
This listing is broken out by tour and then listed in alphabetical order. There are special categories for non-tour specific titles.

Venues Listing
A chronological listing of all the performance dates appearing on CD, including TV and radio appearances. Links are provided for each title containing at least one track from the program or live date.

Labels Listing
A breakdown of titles by their creators and publishers.

Song Reference
A complete listing of every title that a particular song appears on. An easy reference for individuals who build collections by song.

Artwork Archive
This archive contains all of the downloadable artwork available on the site listed on easy to read pages. The Archive breaks by both Alphabetical and Tour Listings.

A listing of the last 50 discs updated in the discography by date. Check often to see if there is any new information on the site.

Note:  The discography is going to take a LONG time to properly build. I am currently using a homegrown program called bowlegs to assist in its creation. Look for updates continuing through 2002 and beyond.

Song Reference
Artwork Archive
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