~~Silent Tears~~

Shadows of darkness brings memories of
silent tears in the night. Harsh winds
rush past reminding the child of chilling
thoughts and moments of fear, and of times
best left unvisited.

Childhood memories of loneliness and of a time
being too small to be heard or taken seriously.
One's childhood should be filled with silly
faces, giggles, tap shoes, teddy bears
and tossing pennies in a wishing well!
Of pretty dresses and barbie dolls lined
in a row. Or, baseballs and gloves, wagons
and army men standing tall.

And big yellow
dump trucks and puppies nibbling at your heels!

There were none of the above for this child.
Only silent tears cried softly and silently
upon a pillow full of crushed dreams, broken
promises and pain unspeakable.

This child missed the love that most took for
granted. A little one all alone in a very big
world that never heard the silent tears...

Did this child ask for too much? Were
the cries for love too much in a
world too large, too busy to hear?

Or could it be they didn't care. Did the
child ask for more than any one person
could give? And why didn't they hear
when this child cried?

"Didn't you hear me, when I speak of
my fears in the night? Didn't you ever
look into my eyes and see the pain I was

Oh, their ears were open and they heard
the child's cry but their hearts were
closed and the child was told to be quite!"

Deep within their tiny world the children try
to soar above their fears never once does one
person stop to ask if they can help the child.
Still the child dreams of the day they could
leave their fears far behind. Even now the
child still hasn't been heard.

You may have asked...

"Who is this child so filled with fear that
no one hears?"

Could it be, Silent Tears from within?

By: Shirley Busby

May 2000: All Rights Reserve.

Please listen to what the children are saying.
If we do not hear their cries, who will?

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