Song Playing: Forever

How often I hear the words
"Oh, don't worry
there is always tomorrow."

But, our tomorrows are gone
taken away far too soon...

We laid beneath a star filled night
making plans for a
future we believed was ours...

Our dreams, so right
for you and me.

So quickly stolen in a moment of time

To capture just one moment
and hold you once more!

To look into your eyes
and see hope once again
for all our tomorrows.

Too feel the strength
in your arms as you held me
so tenderly reassuring me
of our future

Speak the words now
that burn in your heart
for time may not wait
for you to choose that...

Perfect place or time!

Too soon the dreams of tomorrow
turn to the depths of despair
and regrets of
words left unspoken...

I would trade all of my tomorrows
for a single yesterday...

With you by my side...

Writen on, Aug.27, 1999

All Rights Reserved

By Shirley J Busby


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