Song Playing
The Shadow Of
Your Smile

How do you change time?
Can you bring the future
Closer or return to yesterday?

Can you cause the wind to
Cease it's howling or can
One of us bring forth Spring
In the Fall?

Can one of us cause a Robin's
egg to spring forth with life?

I hear the gentle sea breeze as
I lay down and in the distance
a fog horn ...

And I wonder, will I see you in the
Morning? We have something that
that no other has felt

We have touched each others soul
Making our love everlasting

That neither of us
can let go of and...

Why should we
when our spirits....

Are as one

In our dreams we do
turn back the
hands of time....

And for now that
is all we have...
and all we have need for...

Today is enough
for you and me....

Good night my love

The best is yet to come...

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Written By: Shirley Busby 9/21/2006
All Rights Reserved


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